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Serverless computing with AWS Lambda

Serverless computing is no magic carpet, but how does it really work? Get an overview of AWS Lambda's nanoservices architecture and execution model, then build your first Lambda function in Java

Steven Haines

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Full-stack software for cutting-edge science

Have you ever wondered how top science facilities use Java? Here's an inside look at the Java- and Python-based tools powering the UK's national synchrotron

Matthew Gerring

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10 essential performance tips for MySQL

From workload profiling to the three rules of indexing, these expert insights are sure to make your MySQL servers scream

Baron Schwartz

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Architect has a better blueprint for AWS Lambda

Project handles configuration and provisioning of Lambda functions and related AWS services with a plain-text manifest file

Paul Krill

Type dependency in Java Part 2

Type dependency in Java Collections

Make type dependency work to your advantage when programming with the Java Collections API, generics, and lambda expressions.

Dr. Andreas Solymosi

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Android Studio for beginners: Code the app

Use Android Studio's project editor to write your first animated Android app

Jeff Friesen

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Java 101: Regular expressions in Java, Part 2

Complete your introduction to the Regex API, then find out how regular expressions make quicker work of common tasks like code documentation and lexical analysis.

Jeff Friesen

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8 keys to DynamoDB success

How to ensure that Amazon’s fast and scalable key-value database works for you, not against you

Calvin French-Owen

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What is Node.js? The JavaScript runtime explained

Node.js is a lean, fast, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that is useful for both servers and desktop applications

Martin Heller

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Google Cloud Spanner takes SQL to NoSQL scale

Google Cloud Spanner achieves horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and five nines availability as a service, at a price

Martin Heller

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21 rules for faster SQL queries

Follow these tried-and-true techniques to improve the speed and scalability of your relational database

Sean McCown

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Getting started with Kubernetes

From Hello Minikube to Kubernetes Anywhere to example microservices apps, the options for learning Google’s container orchestration tool abound

Serdar Yegulalp

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