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What’s new in Java EE 8

Paul Krill , 08/14/17

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Datastructures and algorithms in Java

Java 101: Datastructures and algorithms in Java, Part 1

Programmers use datastructures to store and organize data, and algorithms to manipulate that data. Get the basics of these fundamental programming elements, and find out how they work together in your Java programs

Jeff Friesen

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

Venturing into machine learning? These open source tools do the heavy lifting for you

Serdar Yegulalp

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The most popular IDEs? Visual Studio and Eclipse

Visual Studio and Eclipse top the PYPL popularity index of desktop IDEs, while Cloud9 and JSFiddle lead in the cloud

Paul Krill

machine learning

What is machine learning?

Building systems that learn from data is a better way to solve complex problems, given enough meaningful data to learn from

Dan Tynan

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Serverless computing with AWS Lambda

Serverless computing is no magic carpet, but how does it really work? Get an overview of AWS Lambda's nanoservices architecture and execution model, then build your first Lambda function in Java

Steven Haines

jw fullstack

Full-stack software for cutting-edge science

Have you ever wondered how top science facilities use Java? Here's an inside look at the Java- and Python-based tools powering the UK's national synchrotron

Matthew Gerring

Big data messaging with Kafka, Part 1

Big data messaging with Kafka, Part 1

Built for realtime, Kafka scales horizontally and offers much higher throughput than some traditional messaging systems. Get started with installation, then build your first Kafka messaging system.

Sunil Patil

Type dependency in Java Part 2

Type dependency in Java Collections

Make type dependency work to your advantage when programming with the Java Collections API, generics, and lambda expressions.

Dr. Andreas Solymosi

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3 open source projects making Kubernetes easier

From cluster state management to snapshots and DR, companion tools from Heptio, Kubed, and Kubicorn aim to fill the gaps in Kubernetes

Serdar Yegulalp

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How Google’s Go language could be improved

Go contributors find common ground on improvements in language server, crypto code, compilation, and garbage collection

Paul Krill

Real-world devops failures -- and how to avoid them

Best practices to avoid big data analytics failures

Follow these six best practices to blow past the competition, generate new revenue sources, and better serve customers

Bob Violino

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21 technologies transforming software development

The very nature of programming is evolving faster than you might think, thanks to these powerful tools

Peter Wayner

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