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JavaWorld is the leading independent resource for enterprise Java™ technology developers, architects, and managers who want to learn more about Java and related technologies from professional developers and trusted industry experts. JavaWorld reaches the core audience of IT professionals who are planning, developing, deploying, and integrating Java-based solutions on an enterprise level.

Professionally edited and written by industry-leading Java developers, JavaWorld features an evolving library of how-to articles, blogs, tips, and columns that address the day's most pressing and persistent application development challenges. JavaWorld technical articles introduce beginning, intermediate, and advanced software developers to foundational Java programming tools and techniques as well as emerging concepts, products, and applications in Java technology. Most how-to articles feature useable code and tested workarounds, resulting in strong reader engagement, frequent return visits, and excellent search engine ranking.

For visitors interested in how Java technology is used in industry applications, JavaWorld provides a daily collection of news, news analysis, new product information, and expert commentary from respected IDG Enterprise news sources.

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JavaWorld's highly caffeinated editors are always looking for articles written by developers who are knowledgeable and passionate about Java-based application development. Please see the JavaWorld Writers Guidelines to submit a proposal.

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