Huzzah! Pandora available for Java ME!

Hinkmond Wong touts the availability of Pandora radio for Java ME devices. The service has been around for PCs for a while; it basically streams music based on a set of preferences you've established and likes and dislikes you've indicated for songs -- creating a personally-tailored radio station, essentially. Right now the service is free for 30 days, after which users have to pay, to which Wong says: Of course companies, like Pandora, are going to make some money with Java ME technology. That's what Java ME technology enables. Having played with Pandora Radio, I'm not actually convinced that people are going to pay for it once their time is up. I am very curious as to how many people are actually paying for Java ME apps of any sort. (Oh, by the way, Pandora is the killer app for the iPhone, millions of downloads, available for free, etc., etc.)