Java to Google's App Engine?

Since the IBM-Sun merger has continued to not happen, I officially declare myself bored with making further speculation on the matter until we hear some concrete announcement. Believe it or not, other exciting things might be brewing out there in Java-land! For instance, Om Malik thinks that Java is coming soon to Google's App Engine cloud service! Java is definitely important to Google, and the company has a seat on the JCP, which makes it kind of strange that Java hasn't been part of Google's cloud offering. Amazon, by contrast, has worked to bring Java developers into its Amazon Web Services offerings, recently adding a set of Eclipse plugins.

Of particular interest is Malik's speculation that Google App Enging Java apps will run under the hood on the Davlik VM, which, strictly speaking, isn't a Sun-licensed Java implementation. In fact, as discussed here earlier this month, Davlik is based on Apache Harmony, which is at the heart of the long-running Sun-ASF dispute over licensing. Which makes it all the more interesting that Google open source head Chris Dibona has been cheerleading for an IBM-Sun deal, saying in particular that "Sun has been kind of weird about licensing the TCK [Technology Compatibility Kit] for non-Sun Java. I think IBM would not be as restrictive about the use of the TCK." Oh, wait, I said I wasn't going to speculate on this, didn't I?