Macworld: Java is alive and well on the Mac

Mac OS X gives Java developers unprecedented opportunities

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Daniel Steinberg is the director of Java offerings at Dim Sum Thinking, Inc. He learned to program in C and C++ on a Macintosh to help his research on elastic curves in hyperbolic space before moving to Java. Daniel teaches courses in Java and object-oriented architecture and design, and has become quite fond of many of the practices of XP. He cowrote the Java2 Bible from Hungry Minds. He thinks that the first words spoken by his daughter Maggie Rose were "my Mac" -- his wife thinks Maggie was saying "Mama." Maggie knows that she was asking clearly for an "iMac" and keeps hinting that an iBook would be nice for her fifth birthday. Her younger sister Elena is less subtle and has announced that now that she's two she "needs" a Titanium PowerBook.

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