Java challenge!

Hi all, I have been given the following challenge: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Write a Base64 encoder/decoder in Java for me in two ways: 1) Using an existing Base64 library routine 2) From scratch, using string/character/byte manipulation. I'd like a unix-style command line program (with the obvious issue that it's actually running via Java, but I'll not worry about that detail), and I'd like it to take the following parameters: -v = display version -? = display some help on how to use the program -e = encode -d = decode Default to encode -f filename Filename containing data to encode/decode. -t text Text to encode/decode If neither -v, -?, -f or -t are specified, accept input from stdin. Output to stdout. Errors go to stderr and include a stack trace. JRE to be 1.5 or above - you can use 1.5/5 features, but nothing from 1.6/6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am new to java and although I have done some programming I am not really that clear on how to start on this. By the end of the challenge I also have to understand how I put it together so I am not really looking for the complete solution, simply how to get there. I have doubts about the following regarding the command line tool: > How do I go about creating a unix-style command line program that uses stdin, stdout and stderr. > Is there a standard way to deal with parameters? To be honest all I need is some advice that will point me in the right directions. Thank you.

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