Google CEO talks interoperability and his company's relationship with Oracle

Oracle and Microsoft still estranged but Mozilla has been a good partner, said Page

Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page wishes there could be more interoperability and that Google could get along better with Oracle.

During a question-and-answer session at this week's Google I/O conference in San Francisco, Page lamented the two predicaments. When it comes to interoperability, even instant messaging has been a problem, Page said, noting that Microsoft has not interoperated with Google on IM: "Google's always stood for [interoperability]. I've been sad that the industry hasn't been able to advance those things."

The Web, he said, has probably not advanced as fast as it should, given the interoperability landscape, Page explained. "We certainly struggle with people like Microsoft. We've had a great relationship with Mozilla," said Page, adding he would like to see more open standards.

Asked about the future of Google's Android mobile platform, which has caused great conflict with Oracle, Page expressed a desire for better ties with the database giant, which also oversees development of the Java language and platform, which is leveraged in Android. Thus far, the relationship between the two companies has been difficult, Page said. "It has included having to appear in court," Page noted. Oracle sued Google over alleged infringements in Java patents and copyrights related to Android -- and lost last year.

Not all was negative from Page, though. He was mostly positive, citing technology as freeing up people to do things they would rather do. Opportunities in computing abound, he stressed. "We haven't seen this rate of change in computing in a long time. Probably not since the birth of personal computing."

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This story, "Google CEO talks interoperability and his company's relationship with Oracle" was originally published by InfoWorld.