Welcome to the new JavaWorld

For those who love Java, the new JavaWorld offers an elegant new framework for the deep insight you've come to rely on, augmented by fresh features and content

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JavaWorld has been the go-to site for Java pros and aspiring Java developers since 1996. Today, we are proud to present a brand new site, the most important redesign since JavaWorld was launched 17 years ago.

The changes you see before you represent more than just a pretty makeover. The new JavaWorld features fresh content areas, better social media integration, a mobile-friendly user interface, and many improvements to search and navigation, yielding a clean content framework that will enable users to find the resources they seek with ease.

For JavaWorld loyalists, the site surfaces content they've come to rely on: how-to pieces, news, reviews, and features articles for developers who specialize in Core Java, Enterprise Java, and Mobile Java. The new Java App Dev section will be particularly valuable for enterprise Java professionals eager to learn about the intersection between Java’s back-end muscle and cloud computing, big data, JavaScript, and other hot trends and technologies. Another new section, Java Everywhere, offers visitors a hand-picked selection of the best Java news, blogs, and tutorials from around the Web.

JavaWorld’s look may be changing, but its editorial mission remains the same: to deliver high-quality technical features, reviews, programming tips, and how-to articles written by Java developers, for Java developers. Featured bloggers like Johannes Brodwal, Jeff Friesen, Andrew Glover, Dustin Marx, and Ted Neward will continue providing insightful perspectives. A revitalized Java 101 series unpacks Java programming concepts for a new generation of developers, while Open Source Java Projects showcases enterprise tools and frameworks culled from GitHub and Sourceforge. Plus, in-depth features will continue to inform developers who want to get the complete story about key Java topics.

javaworld launch night

The JavaWorld build team on launch day.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many developers, designers, managers, and IT professionals involved in re-imagining and rebuilding JavaWorld, from the templates to the new content management system: Aaron Jones, Alexis Barrera, Andrew Ferris, Beth Hauck, Bill Kiszka, Dave Gradijan, Dawn Voyta-Petersen, Emily Hart, Eric Pivnik, Jae Han, Jim Hutson, Jimmy Dias, Joan Joly, Johanna Himes, Justin Counts, Kate Davis, Kevin Eberman, Kevin Gerich, Leslie Haasch, Lijun Lin, Lisa Kerber, Lise Fracalossi, Matt Goebel, Piyush Ailawadi, Sean Greathouse, Thomas Alexander, Trever Cumming, Valerie D'Aquila, and Zach Sullivan, as well as the crew at Mule Design. The new JavaWorld would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication.

All of us sincerely hope you enjoy the new site. As always, we invite your feedback. Please feel free to email me or use our comments section to offer your impressions, suggestions, or critiques. Remember, though, that JavaWorld will not be standing still. We plan to add functionality in the coming year and beyond and would love to hear your ideas for enhancements.