Video: Functions as first-class values in Java 8

Java programming with first-class methods

Are you a little nervous about making the switch to Java 8?

Nervous about Java 8

recent survey by Typesafe found that more than 50 percent of Java developers plan to upgrade to Java 8 within the next year. If you're still with the other 46 percent, who aren't so sure they'll upgrade, then here's a gentle nudge from the authors of  Java 8 in Action (Manning, MEAP November 2013). In a 12-minute video tutorial, Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Mario Fusco, and Alan Mycroft quickly demystify what's so functional about Java 8 -- namely how to write more flexible code by regarding methods as first class-values, and using lambda expressions to concisely represent behaviors.

View the video demo ... 

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