Vaadin switching to C#

The Java-based web application framework is switching gears to support C#

Vaadin's Satay Nutella reports today that Vaadin, a Java-based Web application framework, is switching gears to support C# as "the first-class programming language on the server-side as well as on the client-side."

When you thought Vaadin.NET 7.2 and 7.3 were on the way, we've been hard at work on a secret project all along. Today we're proud to announce the release of 12 intensive months of work behind the scenes by our R&D department. We at Vaadin.NET always strive to stay on the edge of the wave and having seen the popularity of C# in the past few years, we decided to pull the switch behind the scenes.

Nutella called the switch a "huge thing for developers around the world," who can work in a "superior sharp language while developing full-blown Ajax applications." For Vaadin (now Vaadin.NET) developers concerned about what the switch will mean for them, Nutella had reassuring words and some practical advice:

Rest assured, you can continue using Vaadin.NET just as before, as soon as you've switched from C# to C#. This is most easily done by getting a license for Visual Studio through Microsoft and doing a little find and replace.

Curious about the new Vaadin? Read the blog post from self-described C#O Satay Nutella and check out the Vaadin.NET project on GitHub.

Postscript, April 2, 2014: April Fools! Vaadin's developers thank all that shared the joke in social media and all other places and made the laugh for the day.

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