3 lessons for IT from Amazon Web Services

AWS's developer-focused approach is one lesson enterprises should glean from the cloud leader

Amazon.com recently posted its second-ever quarterly income figure: $23.2 billion in the last quarter, an increase of 19.9 percent that exceeded analyst estimates. That included $1.8 billion from Amazon Web Services, a full 81.5 percent more than in the second quarter of 2014. The division's operating income was $391 million, an impressive 400 percent annual gain.

Both IT organizations and Amazon's cloud competitors alike would be wise to learn three key lessons from AWS's success.

First, AWS has a laser focus on the technology, including catering to developers. Developers are driving AWS growth, a fact not lost on AWS, which offers features and products aligned with building and deploying applications.

Second, AWS runs a frugal business. With its retail-oriented culture, money is tightly managed -- and productivity is paramount.