Stop now: Don't become a dead-end developer

Sensing a possible stall in your coding career? Here’s how to break free and tap your true potential

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You need realistic boundaries, says McConathy. “Take a moment to really think through what works for you,” he says. “For example, when I was in the coding trenches, I quickly learned that I did need to take a break, so I made a rule that I would resist working on weekends. Once I made that commitment to myself, I saw an overall improvement in my happiness and energy when I went into work Monday morning. Fresh minds mean even better results.” 

Technology consultant Wesley Higbee advises having a plan to make sure you’re getting a good work-life mix.

“The problem is we often obsess over one and not the other,” Higbee says. “Neglect leads to regret. The key is to have goals that you’re excited about both in work and in life, thus an incentive to prioritize each. And there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing one more than the other, just be intentional.”

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