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Open source Java projects: Spring Integration

Use Spring Integration to develop a robust message-passing architecture that integrates and coordinates enterprise components across an ActiveMQ message bus via JMS.


Fifty years on, mainframer remembers 'a fantastic time to be an engineer'

The IBM System/360 revolutionized business computing with the first set of compatible, scalable systems

big data

Big data showdown: Cassandra vs. HBase

Bigtable-inspired open source projects take different routes to the highly scalable, highly flexible, distributed, wide column data store.

Break Down Barriers and Reduce Cycle Times with DevOps

Learn why and how many successful companies have changed how they deliver software by dismantling the traditional silos that stifle collaboration and progress.

Java vs. Go: The case for cloud-specific languages

Go is one example of an emerging new class of programming languages constructed for private, public, and hybrid cloud computing delivery models.

Reality check: Java 8 finally catches a multicore break

Java 8's lambda expressions make building multicore applications a reality for Java programmers, who can now access multicore support directly from the JDK libraries. The change may be late in coming, but better late than never.

cloud paas

How PaaS is changing enterprise app dev

'Platform as a service' may be the least understood cloud type, but enterprise dev shops are catching on big time, bringing cloud scalability and availability to their portfolio of applications.

Why use Node.js?

Where Node.js really shines is in building fast, scalable network applications, as it’s capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput, which equates to high scalability.

4 ways to modernize your application performance monitoring strategy

Online retail sales in the US will reach $370 billion by 2017 - a 10 percent compound annual growth rate over the next 5 years.

javascript words

PayPal and Netflix cozy up to Node.js

The server-side JavaScript platform is popular with developers for its relatively low learning curve, high productivity, and stable performance. Recent adoptions suggest that some of tech's top executives are buying in, too.


Thirst for better data analysis drives demand for data architecture skills

A recent survey finds that experienced data architects can command average salaries of nearly $125,000.

security risk

Trust me: Big data is a huge security risk

Before you rush to invest in the latest startup stardust, consider a 10-year-old methodology that beats most modern solutions for securing big data.

The key knowledge gap hindering your cloud

SOA is critical to effective cloud computing, so it's too bad many developers and business managers overlook its principles.

10 key findings illustrate the need for a new breed of APM solutions

This paper highlights ten key takeaways from the most recent survey on the impact of Cloud on application management. Read Now>>

Java's encrypted communications no panacea for security problems

Java 8's Transport Level Security won't resolve Java's security vulnerabilities: older versions of Java remain a key point of entry for malicious code.

mongo db

How to screw up your MongoDB schema design

Schema design with MongoDB is almost too easy, but if you've been flattening things out into tables for 20 years, there are a number ways that you can get it wrong.


Eric Redmond on design patterns for distributed systems

Basho engineer Eric Redmond discusses the mechanics, patterns, and tradeoffs involved in building distributed systems, based in part on his experience with the NoSQL database Riak.

App dev 2013: The winners and losers

A new school of Web-based enterprise development tools and platforms grew stronger and more versatile in 2013, leaving us with some interesting trends to build on in the year ahead.

Mobile Apps and Devices Slash Customer Cycle Time

Consolidated Engineering Laboratories' field employees used to collect data on triplicate forms that were sometimes hard to read and difficult to manage. After procuring iPad devices from CDW and integrating mobile apps with

Never, ever do this to Hadoop

Hadoop on the SAN? That is, a hot, disruptive technology demanding new architecture paired with core IT's pet investment? Don't do it!

Review: Dueling hybrid cloud wizards

CloudVelocity and Ravello Systems march clones of in-house servers into the cloud for development, testing, and disaster recovery.

Mobile doesn't need the cloud as its engine

There's no doubt: The cloud makes mobile computing more useful. But that truism can quickly lead you to a bad place -- namely, that mobile devices should just be portals to cloud services.

10 common tasks for MongoDB

You've heard the hype: MongoDB is suddenly a 1.2 billion dollar company and one of the hottest tech ventures running. But what's MongoDB's flagship product good for?

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