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Fifty years on, mainframer remembers 'a fantastic time to be an engineer'

The IBM System/360 revolutionized business computing with the first set of compatible, scalable systems

big data

Big data showdown: Cassandra vs. HBase

Bigtable-inspired open source projects take different routes to the highly scalable, highly flexible, distributed, wide column data store.

Break Down Barriers and Reduce Cycle Times with DevOps

Learn why and how many successful companies have changed how they deliver software by dismantling the traditional silos that stifle collaboration and progress.

Java Tip: Hibernate validation in a standalone implementation

Get started with declarative annotations, composite validation rules, and selective validation in Hibernate Validator 5.0.3.


Fatal abstraction: A bottom-up view of high-level languages

Can a low-level guy with a data center mindset find happiness with the built-in abstraction of modern languages.

Cassandra lowers the barriers to big data

Cassandra excels at scaling writes and reads, and its "masterless" architecture makes creating and expanding clusters relatively straightforward. Here's why Cassandra should be high on the list for organizations seeking a datastore...

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Ultimate cloud speed tests: Amazon vs. Google vs. Windows Azure

A diverse set of real-world Java benchmarks shows that Google is fastest, Azure is slowest, and Amazon is priciest.

4 ways to modernize your application performance monitoring strategy

Online retail sales in the US will reach $370 billion by 2017 - a 10 percent compound annual growth rate over the next 5 years.

security risk

Trust me: Big data is a huge security risk

Before you rush to invest in the latest startup stardust, consider a 10-year-old methodology that beats most modern solutions for securing big data.

on target

Which vendors will be on target in the era of New IT

Major technology shifts centering on cloud computing, big data, and mobile and embedded application development are edging out some well established players in the IT field, creating opportunities for bold new ventures. Find out who's

Ultra-hip Elasticsearch hits commercial release

With more than 6 million downloads, Elasticsearch is a major name in search and open source -- and that was before its 1.0 release.

Amazon Web Services now offers R on demand

Amazon now offers a hosted version of the Revolution Analytics R distribution, used for big data analysis, for an hourly fee.

10 key findings illustrate the need for a new breed of APM solutions

This paper highlights ten key takeaways from the most recent survey on the impact of Cloud on application management. Read Now>>

Hadoop made easier, courtesy of Red Hat and Hortonworks

With Enterprise Apache Hadoop, Red Hat and Hortonworks join forces to make Hadoop easily deployable across public and private clouds.

app dev

12 predictions for the future of programming

Tech moves fast and you don't want to get left behind. Check these 12 predictions for the future of programming.

Something to consider as Java tops the programming charts

The failure of is just one indicator of a problem -- not with the Java language, but with how many developers are using it.

mongo db

How to screw up your MongoDB schema design

Schema design with MongoDB is almost too easy, but if you've been flattening things out into tables for 20 years, there are a number ways that you can get it wrong.

Mobile Apps and Devices Slash Customer Cycle Time

Consolidated Engineering Laboratories' field employees used to collect data on triplicate forms that were sometimes hard to read and difficult to manage. After procuring iPad devices from CDW and integrating mobile apps with

9 technologies for a supercharged 2014

Cloud computing and big data are exiting the buzzword zone in 2014, which is why database and PaaS technologies should lead the way in your enterprise.

Eric Redmond on design patterns for distributed systems

Basho engineer Eric Redmond discusses the mechanics, patterns, and tradeoffs involved in building distributed systems, based in part on his experience with the NoSQL database Riak.


10 likely nightmares for 2014

From China hacking the cloud to Oracle becoming open source enemy No. 1, read Andrew Oliver's darkest tech predictions for the year ahead.

Cloud storage

CouchDB creator joins to work on 'ridiculously cool' infrastructure project

NoSQL database creator Damien Katz will join the team in January 2014, for a project he says could "change a lot more than Salesforce."

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