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Continuous delivery revs up software updates

Continuous delivery has made the annual software update a thing of the past, especially for cloud and mobile apps. Industry experts advise due diligence when adopting the agile methodology.

Fear multicore apps? Reactive programming to the rescue

Typesafe Senior Software Engineer Josh Suereth explains why Akka banks on reactive programming rather than the more sequential programming style of old, and also discusses the impact of Lambdas, coming in Java 8.

In the cloud, code doesn't need developers?

Some business managers admit to dreaming of the day that all enterprise development is automated with a simple, drag-and-drop interface, but certain kinds of complex problems will continue to elude the 'codeless development' crowd for...

Software engineers spend lots of time not building software

Administrative tasks, brainstorming, and waiting for tests combine to overtake the hours spent designing and coding.

5 ways devops can help companies crank out better code faster

With the right tools and processes, as well as removal of cultural barriers, devops can deliver huge benefits to companies.

DHS shifting to cloud, agile development to boost homeland security

Along with its transition to agile, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is establishing infrastructure to support cloud services, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service.

Design patterns, the big picture, Part 3: Beyond software design patterns

Find out how interaction designers, software architects, and agile development teams use design patterns to improve software development processes and products.

What's wrong with agile development: Culture, people top the list

Agile development projects are succeeding, but when they fail, it's often due to staffing and teamwork issues.

Design patterns, the big picture, Part 2: Gang-of-four classics revisited

Jeff Friesen revisits the Gang of Four Strategy and Visitor patterns from a Java developer's perspective, first demonstrating the three components of a successful Strategy, then unpacking Visitor's confounding (for many) double...

6 tips to break app dev bottlenecks

IT earns its reputation from apps that fuel business change, not development processes that slow production to a crawl. Here's how to speed up application delivery without clogging the system.

Design patterns, the big picture, Part 1: Design pattern history and classification

Jeff Friesen's three-part introduction takes a wide-angle view of design patterns. Part 1 introduces the concept and use of design patterns and walks through a process of evaluating the Composite pattern for a particular Java use...

Adapt agile to build a better business

Agile methodologies hint at a way to implement business change incrementally -- and thereby establish true business agility.

The full Java life: Interview with Carlus Henry, independent consultant

From the bad old days of J2EE to the bright idea that was Spring simplicity, Carlus Henry's career in software development has put him front-and-center for some of Java's major evolutionary shifts. In this JavaWorld interview Carlus...

What developers can learn from Anonymous

The reason Anonymous has a permanent place in our collective imagination: For a time, its organizational model worked very well.

10 practices of highly ineffective software developers

Some are bad habits to overcome; some are poor decisions forced by managers who don't know what they're doing. Read 'em and weep.

How agile development became a way of life at HomeAway

For the 250 developers of HomeAway, agile development has become "just how we live now." As Paul Krill discovers, there's nothing static about agile.

Is your outsourcer agile enough?

More companies are choosing agile development to create user-friendly, quickly evolving enterprise apps. Here's how to decide if your outsourcer is up to the task.

Electric Cloud CEO: We automate agile development

An explosion of tools and platforms is making app dev much more complex. Mike Maciag, CEO of Electric Cloud, offers cross-platform workflow and automation to rationalize it all.

How to get developers to document their code

Poorly documented code? Chances are the problem lies not in your programmers, but in your process.

Java apps face more performance issues, study finds

Findings from a wide-ranging software quality analysis study indicate that enterprise Java applications have more performance issues than similar enterprise software. The study also measured the real cost of technical debt, and...

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