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Beyond jQuery: JavaScript tools for the HTML5 generation

For those looking beyond jQuery, many JavaScript libraries are tuned for mobile devices, Canvas-based animation, HTML5 video, local databases, server interaction, and more.

Some apps never say die

Despite years in purgatory, some legacy applications just won't quit.

Google upgrades GWT, Eclipse plug-in

Google Web Toolkit 2.3 adds more HTML5 capability, while Google Plugin for Eclipse features integration with Google services.

What users want from Oracle's Java Community Process


Oracle revises plan to shut down Project Kenai

In a revision of what the company had said previously, Oracle now will enable projects hosted on the soon-to-be-shut Project Kenai site to be moved to the site.

Java's future uncertain under Oracle's grip

Would the Java community thrive as well under Oracle's control as it did under Sun Microsystems' control? Vendors of Java products seem split about the question.

Oracle to provide Sun road map next week

Oracle will provide more details about its plans for Sun Microsystems at an event next Wednesday. Meanwhile, European regulators today signed off on the deal after much back and forth between the two sides.

European Union clears Oracle's purchase of Sun

The European Commission granted Oracle an unconditional approval to take over Sun Microsystems on Thursday, following a controversial and widely criticized examination of the deal.

JetBrains and Electric Cloud offer new build tools

JetBrains and Electric Cloud have announced new build tools that are free for some users.

Sun offers enterprise Java technologies but is silent on Oracle

Sun Microsystems officials introduced last week upgrades to three Java-based technologies, including the company's latest implementation of enterprise Java. But they were silent on the elephant in the room: how the company's efforts...

Sun, Oracle chiefs vow: Sun technologies will live on

Sun Microsystems chairman Scott McNealy and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison both took the stage at the Oracle OpenWorld 2009 conference Sunday evening to offer reassurances that Sun technologies will not go away should Oracle complete its...

OpenWorld to shed light on Oracle's Java plans

Oracle's long-term agenda for Java may come into focus next week as the company plans to place Sun's application development technology in the Oracle OpenWorld 2009 spotlight, beginning with Sunday's keynote, which will feature Sun...

XML merging made easy

Get started with an open source tool that lets you use XPath declarations to merge data from build scripts, config files, deployment descriptors and more.

TurboLinux to help translate Open XML for Asia

TurboLinux has joined the Microsoft-funded effort to build an Open XML-ODF translator.

JAVAONE - GlassFish shows open source at its best

GlassFish is the first project to spring from Sun Microsystem Inc.'s decision to open source its Java programming code and Ken Drachnik, one of its chief evangelists, points to the project as a lesson in how open source spurs...

Java object queries using JXPath

This article shows how to use the Apache Commons JXPath component to easily query complex Java object trees for data using the XPath expression language. It covers both basic and advanced features to increase your productivity quickly....

Get a handle on the JAX-WS API's handler framework

The handler framework is an important architectural design for extensibility and plug-ability in the Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Call. The framework's programming and deployment models have been revamped in the Java API...

Accelerate WSS applications with VTD-XML

Real-world implementations of the Web Services Security standards generally exhibit poor performance characteristics. VTD-XML can solve some of these performance issues by speeding up parsing.

Book excerpt: Using WSIF for integration

The Web Services Invocation Framework allows BPEL business processes to access external resources natively. WSIF requires no modifications or extensions to BPEL code and makes BPEL more suitable for enterprise application integration. ...

Services orchestration for AJAX

In this article, Masayuki Otoshi proposes to execute process definition on the client-side for AJAX. The approach allows you to create more complex AJAX Web applications with the same level of productivity and reusability as on the...

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