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Serious bug in widely used Java app library patched

The CSRF-style bug in Java Spring Social core library affected websites that allowed users to log in with credentials from LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and Facebook, among others

microservices in 2015

Build self-healing distributed systems with Spring Cloud

Meet the challenges of microservices and distributed computing with Netflix-forged components and familiar tools.

JHipster links Java and JavaScript for Web development

JHipster code generator integrates JavaScript and Angular.js with Java's extensive backend ecosystem, via Spring.

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Oracle hasn't killed Java -- but there's still time

While Oracle fiddles with fixes and lawsuits big ideas are happening elsewhere in big data, cloud computing, and mobile. Where's the leadership that made Java great?

Pivotal packages a lighter Java Web application stack

Pivotal App Suite is a lighter weight Java EE stack that takes the headache out of open source licensing while streamlining cloud migration.


Open source Java projects: Spring Batch

Spring Batch manages the batch processing scenarios that developers dread. In this tutorial, learn how to configure Spring Batch to read data in CSV format, process the data in any number of files, and write the results to a MySQL...

Docker containers with Gradle in 4 steps

Do you need to create a Docker image from your Java web app? Are you using Gradle? Add a dose of Spring Boot and you'll be just four steps away from Docker Nirvana.

Open source Java projects: Spring Integration

Use Spring Integration to develop a robust message-passing architecture that integrates and coordinates enterprise components across an ActiveMQ message bus via JMS.

Spring Java springs ahead

Spring Java framework springs forward despite Oracle challenge

Spring framework 4.0 will debut Thursday with new features including HTML5/WebSocket, REST, and support for Java 8.

JetBrains builds on Google Android collaboration for new IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 13 has improved support for the Java Spring framework.

Open source Java projects: Spring Data

Find out how Spring Data lets you leverage the specialized features of NoSQL repositories like MongoDB, Neo4J, and Redis using the Spring framework coding conventions that you already know.

Java EE a tough sell for Spring framework users

New Spring framework releases such as Spring 4.0 and Spring IO stay in step with the evolving Java EE while offering programming ease and enterprise features not found on the Java standard platform.

Spring Framework flaw allows remote-code execution by attackers

With no quick fix in sight, Spring's remote-code-execution bug leaves many enterprise Java apps at risk.

VMware: Spring framework won't fall, despite Oracle

VMware pledges to continue advancing the Spring framework despite the departure of Rod Johnson, and despite Oracle's claims that it's no longer needed.

Spring Java developers get Hadoop integration

VMware's Spring Hadoop creates a welcome link between the Spring framework and Hadoop, a distributed processing platform.

Still don't think open source hurts commercial software? Guess again

Enterprises in cloud environments are mostly opting for open source Java app servers over commercial counterparts.

Picking the top technologies in a wild year

The 12th annual InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards boldly choose the best of the best, including CloudBees, Node.js, and Heroku.

Learn Scala with Specs2 Spring

Using Specs2 Spring to test your Java apps is one way to start learning Scala's object-functional programming patterns, without leaving the Spring framework or tossing out perfectly good Java code.

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