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Java Tip: Hibernate validation in a standalone implementation

Get started with declarative annotations, composite validation rules, and selective validation in Hibernate Validator 5.0.3.

The dark side of lambda expressions in Java 8

Takipi CEO Tai Wiess says that lambda expressions in Java 8 offer more concise code at the expense of longer stack traces and more complex debugging, especially when you throw Nashorn into the mix.

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What's new in Logstash and why you should care

Part of Elasticsearch Inc.'s search and analytics platform, Logstash stands out for its speed, ease of use, and integration with complementary search and reporting tools.

Eclipse builds a bridge between desktop and cloud development

Project Flux will give developers an infrastructure for easily moving back and forth between desktops and the cloud.

Break Down Barriers and Reduce Cycle Times with DevOps

Learn why and how many successful companies have changed how they deliver software by dismantling the traditional silos that stifle collaboration and progress.

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New Relic debuts Splunk-style analytics for software

New Relic Insights allows developers to harvest real-time statistics about running apps and crunch the results in its cloud.


Your quick guide to better JavaScript testing

Testing JavaScript code is a slog, especially if you aren't working with the right tools. Jonathan Freeman offers this handy primer for setting up a testing workflow with some of his favorites: Karma, Jasmine, and Istanbul.

GitHub Developer Program emphasizes integrations

The new GitHub Developer Program offers resources to work with the GitHub API, which includes features like project management, authentication, and the triggering of code-testing when committing code to GitHub.


Report: Half of all exploits target Java

Java's prevalence on devices and lax defenses make it a favorite target of malware developers.

4 ways to modernize your application performance monitoring strategy

Online retail sales in the US will reach $370 billion by 2017 - a 10 percent compound annual growth rate over the next 5 years.


Integrating Arquillian and JBehave

Get a quick look at three open source extensions that integrate Arquillian's container-based testing with JBehave's behavior-driven development framework.

Splunk feels the heat from stronger, cheaper open source rivals

Open source Graylog2, based on Java and Elasticsearch, provides an increasingly viable alternative to commercial log analysis tools like Splunk.

Something to consider as Java tops the programming charts

The failure of HealthCare.gov is just one indicator of a problem -- not with the Java language, but with how many developers are using it.

Programmers without TDD will be unemployable by 2022

Has TDD hit a tipping point? Maybe not yet, but soon. Agile developer Allan Kelly lays out the reasons why a new school of developers is about to learn to "test first."

10 key findings illustrate the need for a new breed of APM solutions

This paper highlights ten key takeaways from the most recent survey on the impact of Cloud on application management. Read Now>>

Why we refactor

A programmer's manifesto: 8 reasons and more why refactoring is the mark of a professional.

Troubleshooting Java enterprise application performance

This article addresses frequently occurring issues that can snowball into performance bottlenecks in enterprise Java applications. Based on a sample Java web services application, the authors focus on real-world techniques to catch...

Web app coders: Clean up your act!

There's a lot you can automate and optimize about front-end workflow coding -- so why not do it? Get tips for automating your build, testing, and documentation processes, along with a listing of open source tools that can help.

Java security will be in the spotlight at JavaOne

Oracle isn't shying away from Java's well-publicized security issues at the upcoming conference, with sessions focusing on Java malware, web container security, and recent JRE security enhancements.

Mobile Apps and Devices Slash Customer Cycle Time

Consolidated Engineering Laboratories' field employees used to collect data on triplicate forms that were sometimes hard to read and difficult to manage. After procuring iPad devices from CDW and integrating mobile apps with

Firefox, Chrome strengthen in-browser debugging

Web developers find debugging web apps in the browser is getting easier, as Mozilla Firefox offers more customization control and Google Chrome introduces an in-browser code editor.

Why PaaS? Dev, test, staging, no waiting

Newer PaaS and cloud-ready NoSQL options are making PaaS a particularly cost effective option for dev, test, and staging, with room to grow on the production side.

Atlassian gives Jira bug tracker a new UI and a speed boost

Jira 6 comes with a new UI, performance improvements, and the first interface designed specifically for mobile clients.

Researchers find serious flaw in latest JRE for desktops, servers

Security Explorations researchers say that a new sandbox bypass vulnerability in the Java 7 Reflection API puts JRE desktop and server versions at risk.

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