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White Paper | Presented by Modulus

An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Node.js

Learn details on getting started with Node.js. This guide will get you set up, and help you access the modules you'll need to do real things. It also covers parsing, asynchronous callbacks, and creating a basic HTTP server. Get started with Node!

eGuide | Presented by Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat's Encrypted Traffic Management Interactive E-Guide

Get up to speed with Blue Coat's Interactive E-guide to Encrypted Traffic Management.

Blue Coat SSL Visibiity

To be secure against targeted attacks, organizations need complete visibility into the SSL traffic coming across the WAN. Discover the risks posed by the use of SSL encryption, and the products that can help you defend your business.

White Paper | Presented by iDashboards

Dashboards for Government Policy Development

Dubai Statistics Center specializes in collecting, analyzing and publishing statistical information and data for government leaders and the business community. They sought a solution that would provide deeper insight into this information.

White Paper | Presented by iDashboards

Georgia Institution Stretches Budget with iDashboards

Dalton State College needed a dashboard solution that would assist them in summarizing, presenting and monitoring higher education metrics. They were able to efficiently convert their Fact Book into dashboards to make more informed, timely decisions.

SANS Analyst White Paper: Finding Hidden Threats by Decrypting SSL

This white paper describes the growing role SSL/TLS decryption plays in security, options for deploying decryption, and best practices for sharing the information generated by SSL/TLS decryption with other security monitoring systems.

Stop Attacks Hiding Under the Cover of SSL Encryption

Wasn't encryption supposed to improve network security? All too often SSL is a carrier of new and successful attacks. Discover how to transform the increased risk into an effective strategy for encrypted traffic management.

White Paper | Presented by CDW

Don't Let Security Kill Cloud Benefits

Security concerns have held back cloud adoption. But that's changing, and changing fast. New research from CDW and IDG Research points out two key steps for overcoming security challenges and maximizing cloud benefits.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

The Best Defense Is a Full Spectrum Offense

APT attacks have led to highly visible security breaches. A multiphase attack such as APT requires a full spectrum defense. Learn how multi-tenant cloud solutions are better equipped than appliances in providing protection against APT attacks.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

United Airlines - "We Have Found a Product That Is That Powerful"

Learn why United Airlines relies on Zscaler to address some of their toughest security challenges. See Michael Kennaugh, VP of IT Business Management at United Airlines, speak about Zscaler at the 2014 RSA Conference.

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