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Java 7 Update 21 to fix bugs, change applet warning messages

Oracle's latest update demonstrates commitment to fixing security issues related to the Java Plug-in, a necessity for many enterprises.

JW soapbox: Let's stop the FUD about JavaFX and deprecate the Java Plug-in

Jeff Friesen on why JavaFX developers have reason to question current thinking that says native apps are out of the game, and why it's time to let the Java Plug-in go.

Can plain vanilla Java fit into the RIA market?

No, this isn't another post about JavaFX (though, for those who are interested, version 1.0 of the JavaFX SDK is coming soon, hooray !). I'm talking about Java itself -- real, live, Java SE. After all, wasn't the initial promise of...

The new applet experience

Jeff Friesen puts the newer, faster applet to the test using JavaFX Script and key features of Java SE 6u10.

Are applets making a comeback?

Sun is pushing hard for renewal on the client-side with Java SE 6u10, JavaFX Script, and JMC. Are applets ready for a comeback, too? Chet Haase, Cay Horstmann, John Zukowski, Ted Neward, Romain Guy, Jim Weaver, and Danny Coward share...

Google adds 2-D capabilities, browser client to corporate mapping tools

Google opening access options for geospatial data and online mapping, and introducing tools to create mashups

A J2EE presentation pattern: Applets with servlets and XML

Sometimes a standard HTML view on your J2EE-based (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) system doesn't offer a sophisticated enough user interface (UI). Based on the pattern described here, you can enhance such a Web interface with...

Help, Pogo no longer works!

April 19, 2002

Java security evolution and concepts, Part 5

In Parts 1 through 4 of this series on Java security, Raghavan N. Srinivas discussed network and Java security concepts; Part 3 took a detailed look at applet security and optional packages. In this article, Raghavan introduces J2SE...

Applets: Still essential to Java

Applets were supposed to revolutionize the Web, but their use has diminished significantly. What's the problem? And what will it take to make them successful? (1,650 words)

Letters to the Editor (July 6, 1999)

'Building user interfaces for object-oriented systems, Part 1,' by Allen Holub disagrees with single-view-into-object theoryAllen,Very interesting article, indeed.

Plug into Java with Java Plug-in

Tired of waiting for your favorite browser vendor to release a new browser that supports the latest version of Java? The good news is you no longer need to wait! Java Plug-in technology bypasses the vendor and makes it possible for...

Making the Forum Swing, Part 2

This second article in a two-part series demonstrates how to add event handling and networking to the newly resurfaced Swing Forum client. Michael begins by examining the JTree component, which facilitates user interaction in the...

Making the Forum Swing, Part 1

JDK 1.2 is already in its fourth beta release, gathering steam for its full release sometime this fall. One of its key features is the now fully integrated JFC, which, with its Swing GUI library, will revolutionize Java GUI design and

Java Plug-in reader poll highlights

Note: The background portion of the poll originally indicated that Java Plug-in does not support non-Win32 computers when, in fact, it works with Win32, Solaris, and Linux computers. JavaWorld regrets the error.

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