Java development critical to Oracle Fusion strategy

For developers,  Oracle's Fusion Middleware 11g rollout on Wednesday emphasizes  Java technologies, particularly the company's JDeveloper IDE,  along with concepts including declarative programming and ALM (application lifecycle...

Sun tools upgrade geared for multicore apps

Recognizing that developers these days must program for multicore processors, Sun Microsystems on Tuesday is releasing an upgrade to its native development tools package geared to this new responsibility.

Oracle's Sun buy: Ellison praises Solaris, Java

Oracle didn't agree to pay much more than IBM would have for Sun Microsystems, but it may have far more use for Sun's "application to disk" technology than IBM ever did. ComputerWorld's Patrick Thibodeau reports.

Where did Sun go wrong?

Once a Silicon Valley star, Sun Microsystems has lost most of its shine in the decade since the dot-com bubble burst. Elizabeth Montalbano reports on the series of missteps that have led this great innovator to impasse.

GlassFish Portfolio debuts

GlassFish Portfolio, announced Tuesday, is intended for enterprise development of Web-facing and business applications. Built on GlassFish 2.1, the Web application platform includes a LAMP-friendly Web stack, GlassFish Web Space...

An interview with Jonathan Schwartz

Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz thinks that the economic downturn will make IT managers more open to change -- to the benefit of Sun's open-source strategy. Computerworld's Patrick Thibodeau chats with Schwartz about Sun's strategy for...

Sun fights for Java, but not alone

Sun Microsystems has recently indicated that it will leverage its stake in Java technology, and that it sees a future in software. Some question the company's relevance to Java, however, and resent its hold on the Java Community...

Sun gets mixed reviews on open source effort

It was two years in November 2008 since Sun Microsystems announced it would open source Java. Today, many say the community still has a long way to go in making Java a truly open source technology.

Battle in the (private) clouds

Corporate enterprises wary of public cloud infrastructure offered by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google could turn to more private, custom, and controllable options. Companies on collision course for battle in this arena...

Year in Review: Java development in 2009

Defying expectations of popular decline, the Java ecosystem keeps evolving in new and exciting directions. In this conclusion to JavaWorld's year-end series, Andrew Glover looks ahead to what we can expect from Java technology and the...

Sun to reach for clouds in '09

Sun has announced its plans to energize cloud computing efforts in 2009, starting with the foundation of a new Cloud Computing division headed by alumn Lew Tucker.

Get this: Sun's a software company

New 21% shareholder Southeastern Asset Management calls Sun an interesting case: it's a software company but nobody knows it -- yet.

Study: Web sites, open source, social networking at risk

Security trend reports from IBM and Websense show SQL injection and cross-ste scripting attacks hitting open source and social networking projects in '08. List includes Drupal, WordPress, and Linux.

JRuby 1.1 released

Second major project release features performance improvements, a re-factored IO implementation, and improved memory consumption.

Sun to acquire MySQL for US$1 billion

Sun branches out in open source database market, but claims ongoing support for PostgreSQL and Java DB.

Sun anticipates moves to software services

In the future IT will focus more on business than technology, says Sun CIO, outlines company's plans to be at the top of the wave.

Sun update system exposes users

Sun Microsystems puts Java users at risk by staggering the release of its Java security patches, says security vendor eEye.

Sun at 25: Where are the founders now?

Sun Microsystems is still around. But what about the four men who gave it life? InfoWorld went on the hunt for Sun's founding fathers: Andy Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy, and Scott McNealy. Here's what we found.

Jini's relevance emerges, Part 2

In Part 2 of this interview, Sun Microsystems Fellow and Chief Engineer Rob Gingell compares the ability of Web services and Jini to deal with network failure and system change. He also discusses polyarchic systems, intellectual...

Java's secret weapon

Set in the backdrop of JiniFest 2002, the Jini community's first technology showcase, this article revisits the original Jini vision, surveys Jini's progress since the technology's introduction in 1998, and suggests the roles Jini...

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