mobile security / threat detection / traffic analysis

13 rules for secure Java applications

Matthew Tyson , 02/11/20

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Oracle v. Google Java copyright battle enters final round

Oracle has filed an argument brief with the Supreme Court in advance of the March 24 court date

Paul Krill

Java / coffee

OpenJDK: Hidden classes could be coming to Java

A JDK Enhancement Proposal says introducing hidden classes in Java could make other JVM languages more efficient

Paul Krill

gears / build management + automation / circuits

What is Maven? Build and dependency management for Java

Maven provides consistent project structures, declarative configuration, and a wide range of plugins, along with centralized repositories for storing and downloading third-party software

Matthew Tyson

python programming language

Tutorial: Machine learning with Python web services

Find out how Python compares to Java for data analysis, then use Flask to build a Python-based web service for machine learning

Gregor Roth

data science certification man with beaker

Interested in machine learning? Better learn PyTorch

Don’t look now, but easy, straightforward PyTorch has become the hottest product in data science

Matt Asay

United States Apollo 15 astronauts deploy first lunar roving vehicle [NASA / July 31, 1971]

Why we can’t develop voting software that works

Ever wonder why we could write software to get to the moon, but not to count votes? Here are five reasons

Peter Wayner

Volunteers / volunteerism  >  A group of business people raises their hands.

Most developers know JavaScript — and want to know Go

HackerRank developer survey finds JavaScript most-known, Go most-wanted to learn, and full-stack development skills most-wanted in the job market

Paul Krill

retro phone next to retro alarm clock

Tutorial: Storing data in Java objects

A timely introduction to using instance variables in your Java classes

Jacob Weintraub

JavaWorld - JW - OSJP - big data analytics - social graph

Tutorial: Big data analytics with Neo4j and Java

Graph databases like Neo4j are ideal for modeling complex relationships--and they move through big data at lightspeed

Steven Haines

JavaWorld > Android Studio for Beginners [movile java package]

Tutorial series: Android Studio for beginners

A complete beginner's guide to Android Studio, from installing Android Studio to coding and debugging your first Android app

Jeff Friesen

target bullseyes

Neo4j 4.0 targets scalability, security, and performance

Leading native graph database adds long-awaited horizontal sharding, granular security, and reactive processing

Serdar Yegulalp

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

JetBrains taps machine learning for full-line code completion

IntelliJ IDE's 2020 roadmap also features collaborative editing and lightweight text editing

Paul Krill

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