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Dubbo Java RPC project graduates to Apache top level status

High-performance, lightweight RPC framework offers fault tolerance, load balancing, runtime routing, and automatic service registration and discovery

Paul Krill

Matryoshka /Russian nesting dolls > inheritance / sequencing / hidden layers

Java tip: When to use composition vs inheritance

Inheritance is a valuable programming technique, but in some conditions it breaks encapsulation. Find out why composition is the vital alternative to inheritance, and learn when and how to use it in your Java programs.

Jeff Friesen

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Java tip: Fields and methods in Java

Learn seven advanced techniques for working with fields and methods in Java, including recursion, method call chaining, pass-by-value arguments, and rules for calling methods

Jeff Friesen

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What are servlets? Request handling for Java web applications

Learn how the Java Servlet API provides URL mapping and request handling for your Java web applications

Matthew Tyson

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3 JavaScript libraries to replace jQuery

Cash, Zepto, and Syncfusion are three JavaScript libraries picking up where jQuery left off

Paul Krill

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JDK 13: The new features coming to Java 13

Due in late 2019, Java 13 is tentatively slated to gain raw string literals and a tool for packaging self-contained Java apps

Paul Krill

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Google: Use Kotlin for new Android apps

At the Google I/O conference, Google announced that Android development will become increasingly ‘Kotlin-first’

Paul Krill

Java / binary code / gears / programming / coding / development

Java tutorial: Classes and objects in Java

Learn how to make classes, fields, methods, constructors, and objects work together in your Java applications.

Jeff Friesen

Matryoshka /Russian nesting doll > inheritance / sequencing / hidden layers

Java tutorial: Inheritance and the extends keyword in Java

Use Java's extends keyword to derive a child class from a parent class, invoke parent class constructors and methods, override methods, and more

Jeff Friesen

JavaWorld > Persistence [series] > data blocks / structure / database / data center

ORM with JPA and Hibernate, Part 2: Many-to-many relationships

Three example apps teach you how to model many-to-many relationships in JPA and Hibernate

Steven Haines

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Loop, switch, or take a break? Deciding and iterating with Java statements

Learn how to use standby statements like for, while, if-else, and break, then get started with the new switch expressions in Java 12

Jeff Friesen

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Java operator types and expressions in Java 12

Everything you need to know about the Java operator types and using them to write and evaluate Java expressions in Java 12

Jeff Friesen

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