jw scalable sockets networks

Socket programming in Java: A tutorial

Steven Haines , 01/08/20

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basketball hoop score through the net java referencing by markus spiske via unsplash

Java challengers: Does Java pass by reference or pass by value?

Java passes by value, which imposes some limits and also raises questions. In this Java Challenger, find out what happens when you pass an object reference to a method in Java

Rafael Chinelato Del Nero

Lineup of anthropomorphic nuts, illustrating polymorphism.

Java tip: Inheritance relationships in JPA and Hibernate

Learn four ways to manage inheritance relationships and support polymorphic querying in Java ORM

Steven Haines

JavaWorld > Android Studio for Beginners [movile java package]

Tutorial series: Android Studio for beginners

A complete beginner's guide to Android Studio, from installing Android Studio to coding and debugging your first Android app

Jeff Friesen

man money success financial

Making open source JavaScript pay

Money isn’t everything to the success of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Or is it?

Matt Asay

go green light traffic signal by pawel czerwinski unsplash

Go 1.14 focuses on runtime, compiler

February release brings improvements across the board including to Windows and WebAssembly support

Paul Krill

A man with his head in his hands amid abstract security contruct.

What frustrates web developers? Web browsers

Mozilla Developer Network survey indicates broad satisfaction with web technologies, with browser support being the main frustration

Paul Krill

JavaWorld > Persistence [series] > coding / programming / software development

What is JDBC? Introduction to Java Database Connectivity

Get to know Java's low-level API for making database connections and handling SQL queries and responses

Matthew Tyson

Automation  >  An assembly line's robotic arms conveyor belt work with binary code.

Machine learning for Java developers: How to deploy your model

How to build and deploy a machine learning data pipeline in a Java-based production environment

Gregor Roth

silver infinity symbol

Why Kotlin? Eight features that could convince Java developers to switch

What would Java look like if someone designed it from scratch today? Probably a lot like Kotlin

John I. Moore, Jr.

man concerned artificial intelligence ai sign

Artificial intelligence predictions for 2020

Machine learning applications, tools, techniques, platforms, and standards will see big changes in the next year

James Kobielus

wireless internet handshake tablet computer mobile work together

JetBrains bringing iOS device support to Android Studio

JetBrains plug-in for Android Studio will allow developers to run, test, and debug Kotlin on iOS devices and simulators

Paul Krill

apache tomcat cat shadow prowel hide predator bysnapwire pexels

What is Apache Tomcat? The original Java servlet container

Everything you need to know about Apache Tomcat: the high-availability Java application server for servlets, JSPs, and WebSockets

Matthew Tyson

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