JavaWorld Writers Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for JavaWorld. We offer the following guidelines to help you with the process of submitting an idea for an article.

Note: JavaWorld does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.
If you have already completed an article and want to submit it to JavaWorld for review, first send us a query, along with the following information.

Also note: JavaWorld does not accept vendor-submitted articles.
A vendor-submitted article is one written by a company or its representatives designed to promote or publicize a commercial product or company. Our readers invariably perceive such articles as self-serving or biased rather than dedicated to serving their needs. We don't publish them.

Final note: We appreciate your patience.
JavaWorld's editors receive many quality submissions and we are limited in the number of articles we can publish. If your proposal is selected, we will contact you with information on how to proceed with the publication process.

Please submit the following information to Questions can be sent to the same address.

Article Title:
Give us a starting point for knowing what your article will be about.

Word Count:
Word count can be approximate and should not include source code.

Explain why JavaWorld readers should care about/must read this article. What makes it compelling? What is the learning benefit?

Delivery Date:
Fill in the blank for us: "I can get this article to you by..."

Supportive Materials:
Describe the executable code sample(s), graphic(s), and other media elements you will include with your article.

This should be an overview of the article's contents and should compel us (your readers) to read the article.

Representative samples of your published work:
If you've published before, especially about Java technology, we want to know about it.

Background/Biographical information:
Include information about your Java programming experience, your job title, a description of your position, your educational background, your outside interests. Let us see that you are qualified to write this article and mentor other Java developers in your area of expertise.