Sun woos developers to the grid

Sun offers free CPU hours and announces contest to encourage Sun Grid-enabled apps

May 18, 2006—Sun Microsystems on Thursday rolled out several incentives to draw developers into creating applications for the Sun Grid, the company announced at the JavaOne Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Since last August, Sun has been offering its Grid processing and storage capabilities as a service for enterprises looking to outsource large computational workloads, but this March it opened up the retail version of its Grid, in which smaller businesses or individuals can book CPU (central processing unit) hours with a credit card through a Web-based portal at a rate of per hour per CPU.

To encourage the development of Grid-enabled applications, Sun is offering developers 100 free CPU hours and other incentives, such as a contest in which developers can win monetary prizes for innovative applications. To qualify for the free CPU hours, developers have to join Sun's Grid developer community, an online resource that provides development tools, sample applications and discussion forums.

Sun is also offering private project space for ISVs to develop and port their applications to the Sun Grid and a separate project to help developers use the Sun Grid for the distributed execution of parallel computations.

Sun also released the Grid Computer Server Plug-in for NetBeans IDE under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Shelley Solheim is a New York-based correspondent for the IDG News Service.

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