G1 contacts import

This is a mini how-to for people wondering how their contacts can be imported into their G1 phones. There seem to be a lot of people who suffer from G1 poor contacts management. The official way of importing contacts is to keep them all in Gmail. For a number of reasons this is not very convenient, for one -- Gmail can import your contacts from CSV file only, it gives no other options. The standard way for contacts exchange is via Vcard files/format. So, I created a Java Android application that helped me to import all my contacts to G1. The Import Contacts app is published on Andappstore and is downloadable from here. Just point your G1 browser there. In my case I had all my contacts in Nokia N70 in sync with Outlook (win) and Evolution (linux). In Evolution I exported all contacts to a single Vcard file, uploaded it to G1 microSD card, and imported the file using my app. Of course this is a workaround to the real and yet unresolved problem, but Android SyncML and OBEX implementation is not something that I'm going to do in the near future. And also it was fun to know that it was impossible to delete all contacts from G1 at once. If you want to clean your address book you must clean Gmail contacts and synchronize it with G1 then -- awkward. So I added this 'Wipe all contacts' functionality to Import Contacts too. Enjoy!