"forking" Glassfish

i dont buy it, i just refuse to capitulate, and i dont have to as i am not an employee of the world's largest business software provider, and say that Glassfish is a 'departmental' application server, to be upsold to expensive WebLogic licenses, that frankly offers an inferior product to what has been built in the OSS community through the long-gone independent java.net....someone needs to explain to me the art of forking because the only company or organization that i have heard do it have been failures in the form of Apache's attempts with openJDK, and Oracle's attempt to copy Red hat's Enterprise Linux....but to me, it is time to explore the option of forking glassfish and continuing to invest in it as a platform for cloud-based, high availability, enterprise-wide and web-wide deployments, that scale beyond a developer's studio.... so, i am calling on those in the industry with the means to look at code, namely the Java developer ranks to get glassfish on to google's Code site, and begin the process of forking the OSS content that has been built over the past four years, since Glassfish's announcement and inception...there is no logical play for Glassfish within Oracle's stated product strategy with Fusion, and therefore there is a significant market opportunity to take the assets under GPL license and form a new entity that will support enterprise-wide deployments, and even build within Google's cloud offerings to make the Reference Implementation the premier app server in the marketplace....makes sense, doesnt it?.... I would say that the most natural person to do the rallying for this is Marc Fleury, himself, though i know it would be a tough sell, as this is not his code base baby, but JBoss has morphed in to something else beyond what he originally started, and perhaps his non-compete is coming up to expiration....just think of the developers he would attract worldwide, if he were to sign-on to a fork of Glassfish, and just think of the resources that could be potentially available from Google, if we were to make an app server cloud oriented, and on their Code site, its like a built-in acquisition guarantee, from the company with the deepest pockets....there is even a scenario where Google will need Glassfish to do business, as they move in to the enterprise, so with some luck and lots of execution, it could be a high, high premium paid for the work of a fork job.... I have also proposed portable applications across JEE servers, perhaps even components for vertical implementations for HIPAA, SWIFT, FMEA, and other industry standards, so the project could grow beyond just an app server platform fork, and include applications that would run on JBoss, and perhaps even WebLogic and WebSphere with some work....but the real test is in finding Glassfish a home, and getting the write-once-run-anywhere promise going with some apps that run in the cloud that can be deployed on compliant platforms from any vendor or company....forking Glassfish means taking on Oracle's stated product strategy, and it is about time someone does it, as Fusion toils along, with no word whatsoever on its delivery schedule....all they do is buy more companies to divert attention from their timelines for release, and now they have kicked the most valuable Sun asset in to the ranks of 'departmental': Fail..... i ask you all in the industry to consider a world where JBoss is the only JEE 6 app server left for deployments, as WebLogic and WebSphere have basically not even supported JEE 5 yet, within their product-lines, so now we have a uni-tier app server market on standards, with Spring Source being the natural beneficiary of this splintering....it is time for the Java developer ranks to get paid for OSS work and not let companies like Oracle take all the work in-house and mis-market it, with a term that make me cringe: 'departmental'.... take a look around, what do you see in the marketplace other than a lot of invested companies looking for answers on what is next for JEE, and the answer had been coming from the Glassfish org., and now that org. is essentially dead, so forks dont usually work, they are seldom ever attempted, but this one is worth it, this one could introduce Google in to the enterprise and could make the developers on the project a lot of money that Oracle is leaving on the table with their positioning that basically says we will not sell Glassfish, and we will only sell WebLogic....i say to all those not satisfied with the decision, to rise up, and begin to build the ranks of those willing to fork glassfish for the industry to stay afloat of portability....it only takes some momentum to really build something unique, and only you are one of many who could make it possible, so take a look at my site, and tell me i am not on to something.... it is time to fork Glassfish: http://code.google.com/p/astrocloud/wiki/PageName