The trouble with JavaFX, in one tidy blog comment thread

Do you care about JavaFX? Then you owe it to yourself to read this diatribe from UI engineer Kirill Grouchnikov. It's a nice encapsulation of where JavaFX has been (or tried to be) and where it's going (nowhere fast). Grouchnikov is an ex-Swing guy who's now working on Android UI stuff for Google, so obviously that's what his orientation is, but you can tell that he wanted JavaFX to work; it just never caught on, not least because much of the point was to get designers and programmers to work together, and designers never wanted any part of it. He cites as an example a JavaFX contest that originally required entries to be submitted by designer-developer teams, and which then changed the rules and ended up never publishing any winners.

But even more interesting is the comment thread, which seems to have people from every point of view chiming in. The Swing developer who's sad that JavaFX has eaten up resources that could have gone to Swing. The developer who's just gotten sick of waiting for JavaFX and has moved on to PHP and Ajax. The JavaFX enthusiast who points out that Swing isn't doing any better, and was never going to work on phones either.

It's an interesting cross section if you're trying to figure out where exactly JavaFX went wrong. Though, reconsidering my question at the start of this post, in all probability if you really care about JavaFX you may have already commented on Grouchnikov's blog.