Java's top guns

JavaWorld honors the leading Java technologies in the 2002 Editors' Choice Awards

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These valuable technologies have pushed the Java standard even higher, thus guaranteeing the production of future groundbreaking products. And as Web services, device development, and P2P gather momentum over the next year, who knows what killer app could be waiting around the corner?


JavaWorld would like to thank its expert judges for their contribution to the ECA and their support of JavaWorld:

  • Abraham Kang, Security Architect, Jamcracker
  • Tarak Modi, Senior Software Architect, North Highland
  • Wm. Paul Rogers, Independent Java Architect
  • Humphrey Sheil, Technical Architect, Cedar Group
  • Tony Sintes, Java Consultant, First Class Consulting
  • Frank Sommers, Founder and CEO, Autospaces
  • Daniel Steinberg, Director of Java Offerings, Dim Sum Thinking
  • John Zukowski, Strategic Java Consultant, JZ Ventures
Jennifer Orr is a senior editor for JavaWorld.

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