Java Product News (January 26, 2000)

iPlanet offers Integration Server 2.1 for native Java messaging support

iPlanet Integration Server 2.1, an application integration solution that links traditional legacy systems with new-generation, Internet-based solutions, is now available. The iPlanet Integration Server 2.1 provides seamless integration between backend information systems and Web clients through native support for Java Messaging Service API and HTTPs support. The server allows for interoperability among applications and data that span across systems, platforms, and APIs. It enables companies to minimize organizational change when connecting different departments, applications and platforms, and across different companies.

iPlanet Integration Server 2.1 is available immediately. List price starts at 9,500 per CPU, with pricing subject to change.

iPlanet unveils iPlanet ECXpert 3.5 for XML-based solutions

iPlanet ECXpert 3.5 is an XML-based server-side B2B software solution that enables encrypted transmission of documents over the Internet and private networks, and across multiple protocols, partner types, and technology types. An integration solution for linking backend systems, iPlanet ECXpert 3.5 software provides cross-enterprise interaction so that organizations can exchange business information in convertible documents. iPlanet ECXpert 3.5 also improves the queuing of documents, while minimizing bottlenecks and processing rapidly submitted data efficiently. iPlanet ECXpert 3.5 is designed for organizations aiming to rapidly grow e-commerce networks, reduce transaction costs, and improve collaboration with key business partners.

List price begins at 00,00 per two CPUs, with pricing subject to change

JBuilder and Motorola offer J2ME development environment for device programmers

Motorola has partnered with Borland to provide the Borland JBuilder 4 Foundation environment to its developers. Borland and Motorola have established that relationship in anticipation of Motorola's Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) technology-enabled handsets that are expected to become available in the first half of 2001. Motorola is facilitating the development of applications for the new handset platform by providing a comprehensive developer support program that includes development tools, application testing, personalized support, global marketing, distribution, billing, e-commerce backend processing, and user support services.

Borland's JBuilder 4 Foundation offers a 100 percent pure Java development environment that supports Java 2 platform standards and cross-platform development. It provides a development platform that allows developers to build, compile, debug, and deploy robust Java-based applications. JBuilder 4 supports Linux, Windows, and Solaris platforms.

Caribou Lake Software releases JSockets 1.9.2

JSockets 1.9.2, the latest version of Caribou Lake Software's general purpose firewall-tunneling software, improves the delivery speed of data and business objects through firewalls and proxy servers to and from the Internet. Enhancements to the JSockets Java servlet Web server glue have improved the software's performance. Other performance-oriented improvements allow it to run more efficiently with the latest releases of the servlet engines. JSockets 1.9.2 has also been certified in several new Servlet 2.1-compliant engines, including Tomcat 3.x, iPlanet Web Server, iPlanet Application Server Jrun 2.3, and 3.x Unify ServletExec.

JSockets 1.9.2 is available immediately.

The Breeze Factor drives enhancements into XML Studio Release

Breeze XML Studio Release 2.2., now available from The Breeze Factor, includes updates to XML structure display, code generation, and parsing performance. The visual display of the 2.2 release now allows for a more complete view of the constructs specified by the DTD, providing a detailed visual display of the actual DTD structure. Users can make changes in the DTD files (edit default values, and add typing information and constraints) and import them into Breeze Studio. Breeze will then create the Java classes needed to access XML data without exposing it to XML parsing classes. Release 2.2 also offers advanced code generation techniques for handling complicated content models such as nested choices and sequences.

A single development seat is licensed for 95.

Software AG integrates Tamino XML database with thinkXML2000

Software AG plans to integrate its native XML database with thinkXML2000. The combination of those XML data-management tools will offer organizations involved in electronic business a mechanism to simultaneously manage their Web interface and data store. Application designers can use the two products together for quick access to Web-based data, to create forms for this data, and to store data natively for rapid retrieval. Through this partnership, thinkXML has built support for Tamino into its products. Tamino has been optimized to run on a range of platforms and is suited for an XML database.

WebGain Studio 4.1 speeds Web development

WebGain has released Studio 4.1, the latest version of its Java component-based e-commerce development solutions. WebGain Studio 4.1 includes technologies that help speed backend and frontend Web development, enabling rapid implementation of e-business initiatives. The new release includes two versions, the Professional Edition and the Standard Edition. Both include:

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver, Web authoring tools plus application server extensions
  • WebGain VisualCafé, a Java development environment for creating client and server-side Java applets, applications, servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), CORBA, and Enterprise JavaBeans components
  • WebGain StructureBuilder, a pure Java UML solution that provides a fully integrated modeling solution for visualization and round-trip engineering

The professional version also includes WebGain TopLink object-to-relational mapping technology and database access. WebGain Studio 4.1 has universal J2EE application server architecture and is fully compatible with Sun Microsystems's Java Developer Kit (JDK). Additional features include upgraded JSP editing capabilities with Macromedia's Ultradev 1.0 and debugging support for JDK 1.3 virtual machines.

JClass ServerChart serves up data in realtime

Sitraka Software has launched JClass ServerChart, a server-side charting solution for servlets and JSPs. Designed specifically for J2EE application server development projects, this new product integrates with all major J2EE-compliant application servers, and leverages servlets and JSPs for maximum enterprise scalability. JClass ServerChart offers a wide range of chart, graph types, and support for rapid updates. Those features give users realtime access to business-critical data. When using JClass ServerChart, no code is executed on the client.

JClass ServerChart 1.1 is available in byte code and source code versions. Pricing begins at 99 and includes a year of Gold Support with subscription.

Brokat updates its Java-based business rules technology

Blaze Advisor Solutions Suite Version 3.2 -- developed by Blaze Software, a Brokat company -- simplifies the creation of rule maintenance applications. The most important new feature of the Advisor 3.2 is the Application Generation Wizard. That feature allows users to create reusable rule management templates to ensure consistent implementation of business policies and procedures across multiple channels and applications. Using Wizard, designers can define the scope, access control, layout, and style of the applications, thus tailoring maintenance applications to their specific responsibilities. Advisor 3.2 is written entirely in Java, and its XML technology fully supports the Java community's W3C standards.

Blaze Advisor Solutions Suite 3.2 is available immediately. Pricing ranges from 0,000 to 5,000 per license for the design tools and from 0,000 to 0,000 per CPU for the rules service deployment and execution environment.

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