Java Product News (February 2, 2001)

Code errors can't hide from JProbe

JProbe Integration Portal for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Sitraka's new toolkit for building high-performance, reliable client and server-side applications, helps developers diagnose and eliminate code errors and inefficiencies. The JProbe Integration Portal provides timely application server support and helps developers speed solution delivery time and reduce time-to-market. Developers can access updates on the latest application server support, available at the Sitraka Website on an ongoing basis. The JProbe Integration Portal integrates with major application servers, including IBM, WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, iPlanet, Application Server, and Allaire Jrun. The JProbe suite also features Profiler and JProbe Memory Debugger.

JProbe Integration Portal is available immediately.

AgentGO releases eight wired enterprise applications for J2ME

Eight new wireless enterprise applications from AgentGo are available for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME). AgentGo's J2ME applications run on Motorola iDEN 3000 telephones, RIM pagers, and Palm OS products. All eight products are part of the agentOffice and Naked Apps product suites that enable mobile workers to effectively communicate and work via wireless devices while away from the office:

  • MobileDash: a mobile enterprise portal that allows employees to access all their corporate and personal data from any device and location, at any time
  • agentText: allows mobile workers to create, edit, and send notes or text files
  • agentFile: allows mobile users to send files via email and fax; wireless devices have access to a network server behind a corporate firewall
  • agentDoc: allows mobile workers to access and interact with Microsoft Word documents
  • agentSheet: allows mobile workers to access and interact with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • agentAlert: offers secure, realtime one- or two-way notification and messaging alerts to mobile individuals and workgroups
  • agentExpense: enables remote entry of expense reports and integrates with expense reporting software
  • agentBookmark: enables mobile users to store and access selected wireless URLs

AgentGo upgrades mobile development toolkit

AgentGo has released AgentMDK 2.0, a full mobile development environment designed to reduce time-to-market and lower the development costs of mobile solutions. AgentMDK 2.0 automates development tasks and adheres to existing XML and Java development standards, allowing enterprises to shorten the development cycle of applications. AgentMDK 2.0 includes an evaluated version of agentWorks v2.5 enterprise mobile application platform, fully documented tutorial applications, and a suite of prebuilt application components. It also comes with Mobile Presentation Engine, a technology that allows the same code to deploy on most wireless devices, and a storage engine that allows wireless access to files stored on a server.

AgentMDK 2.0 is available immediately and can be downloaded at no charge.

NewMonics PERC 3.1 combines Java and C programming

The PERC 3.1 release of NewMonics extends memory management, offers developers the ability to integrate Java with any C/C++ coding, and features new tools that simplify the development process. With NewMonics PERC 3.1, developers can create Java code using the same methodology traditionally used with C programming. NewMonics PERC 3.1 features advanced debugging capabilities that allow developers to debug ahead-of-time compiled code at the Java source level and includes two new tools: PERCAccelerator and PERCCompactor. PERCAccelerator speeds debugging and development time by optimizing Java applications; PERCCompactor analyzes Java applications and automatically removes used code, reducing application footprint by up to 50 percent. NewMonics PERC 3.1 supports Solaris-hosted VxWorks and OSE.

PERC 3.1 is available immediately. The suite provides development on Linux, Windows NT/2000, and Solaris systems.

JCertify 4.0 prepares testers for changes to Certified Java Programmer Exam

A new preparation tool for the Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam, JCertify 4.0 covers the content and exam format changes introduced by Sun Microsystems on October 4, 2000. JCertify 4.0 includes 20 percent more questions than the previous version and includes the Java 2 Last Minute Tutorial. The new JCertify integrates Java language content from leading Java authors and includes a Certified Java Programmer Exam simulator.

Available immediately, JCertify 4.0 can be purchased online for 9.95

Flashline introduces comprehensive software component reuse solution

An application that enables, promotes, and measures software component reuse, Flashline Component Manager 2, Enterprise Edition (CMEE) is designed to help corporations efficiently manage and reuse software components enterprisewide. CMEE manages software as a corporate intellectual property asset and enables an organization to maximize the value of its software component base. The CMEE features a searchable repository, quality assurance standards, and a tracking and reporting system. It adapts easily to existing development environments and includes a "Registrar" that assures component quality. In addition, users can produce reports that measure reuse by project, category, component, developer, and other criteria.

Flashline Component Manager 2, Enterprise Edition is available immediately. Introductory pricing of an unlimited server license is offered for a limited time at 0,000.

IBM's Java-based e-commerce software supports global Websites

IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite 5.1 supports Websites engaged in international e-commerce and includes functionality for enabling mobile access to e-commerce. Version 5.1 determines region-specific sales tax and shipping rules, customizes product catalogs, and localizes payment methods and pricing. The software features interfaces that allow managers to create dynamic marketing campaigns, product promotions, discounts, and advertisements targeted to specific customers. Version 5.1 also offers access to e-commerce sites via handheld devices. Based on open industry standards, WebSphere Commerce Suite provides an enhanced Java programming model.

WebSphere Commerce Suite Version 5.1 is available immediately in English for the Microsoft Windows NT operating environment and will be available for other systems in early 2001. Pricing is listed at ,000 per processor for the Start Edition and 5,000 per processor for the Pro Edition.

Persistence PowerTier enhances diCarta's contract management solution

Under an agreement between Persistence Software and diCarta, Persistence will provide its core caching application server technology for use in the diCarta contract management solution. As part of the agreement, the Negotiator component of the diCarta contracts product is based on the Persistence PowerTier technology for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) solutions. By utilizing the Persistence PowerTier technology, the diCarta contract management solution now offers companies a solution for collaborating on complex projects over the Internet. The PowerTier platform is based on industry standards such as J2EE and XML; it is extensible and compatible with other products and systems already in place.

NeuArchitect 3.0 improves e-business application development productivity

A tightly integrated set of visual modeling and automated construction tools, NeuArchitect 3.0 from NeuVis enables businesses to rapidly develop and deploy complex n-tier e-business applications. NeuArchitect 3.0 is designed to solve enterprise-level problems facing Global 2000 organizations, including legacy system integration, XML messaging, and building wireless applications. It utilizes visual architectural tools to create models that automatically generate code. It can automatically construct code for J2EE-compliant application servers, Java applets, and Java Messaging Service as well as for wireless devices, Web servers, and other standards.

NeuArchitect 3.0 is available immediately and is priced at ,500 for the Professional Edition and 7,500 for the Enterprise Edition. Subscription price starts at ,999.

Core Technology rebuilds CTCBridge

Core Technology's Version 3.0 of CTCBridge offers significant enhancements to the original CTCBridge, including the addition of scalable display font, improved speed, increased modularity, and enhanced script handling. A browser-based solution that delivers full-featured 5250, T27, and UTS emulation as a Java applet, CTBridge runs on any client platform that supports a Java-based browser, including Unix, Windows, and Macintosh.

CTCBridge Version 3.0 is available now.

FileSweep/Rapid 1.00 will support Java

Core Technology has announced the development of a new version of FileSweep/Rapid that runs on any hardware or software architecture supporting the Java Virtual Machine. FileSweep/Rapid Version 1.1 features reliable realtime data translation, restart/recovery, built-in automation, data compression, and dynamic "wild card" transfers.

FileSweep/Rapid Version 1.1 is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2001.

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