Java Product News (March 16, 2001)

New HP Bluestone products feature enhanced Java technology

HP Bluestone has released three new Java-based products for e-business: Total-e-Server Release 7.3; Total-e-Transactions 2.1; and Total-e-Syndication.

The latest version of HP Bluestone's pure Java application server, the Total-e-Server 7.3 is J2EE-compliant and incorporates XML standards. The Total-e-Server 7.3 features J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) certification and enhanced implementations of Java Messaging Service (JMS) and Java Transaction Service (JTS).

The HP Bluestone Total-e-Transactions 2.1 is based on Sun Microsystems' Java Transaction Service (JTS) and OMG's Object Transaction Service (OTS) specifications. Developed entirely with Java technology, Total-e-Transactions simplifies setup and enhances reliability of a fully distributed, pure Java transactioning system.

The HP Bluestone Total-e-Syndication is an e-services module set for coordination of information. A pure Java syndication infrastructure, Total-e-Syndication facilitates B2B exchange efforts by automating the flow of digital content from businesses to their distribution channels, suppliers, and customers.

All three products are expected to be available by the end of the first quarter of 2001.

Allora for Java allows developers to bind relational data to Java classes

Version 1.5 of HiT's Allora for Java features an enhanced XML platform for data exchange that provides data binding interfaces and message queue support. The improved XML interfaces allow users to access XML document data as individual records or record sets. Allora for Java version 1.5 gives developers the ability to bind relational data and XML documents to Java classes; it also integrates with Java Messaging Service (JMS) providers. This data binding functionality can be used to retrieve and update data in relational databases. Through the use of data binding, IT organizations can put XML data on their enterprise networks to maximize internal exchange of data. The message queue support allows developers to direct XML documents to message queues, to retrieve XML documents from queues, and to incorporate this data into relational databases. Allora 1.5 is compatible with most Web application-development platforms including BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, iPlanet, and SilverStream.

HiT Allora for Java version 1.5 will be available in both Java and native Windows versions in March 2001. Trial versions can be downloaded from the HiT Website.

Visual Underneath 3.01 features quicker screen refacing

Core Technology has developed an updated version of its screen transformation tool for CTCBridge 5250, T27, and UTS emulation for Java. Visual Underneath is a tool for refacing legacy screens that uses point-and-click functionality to implement an immediate view of editing results. Version 3.01 has quicker and simpler screen refacing than previous versions, allowing for more complete customization of projects. Using the new version of Visual Underneath, developers can change the title of the Visual Underneath runtime environment window and can create menus and assign keystrokes. Another important new feature is the ability to break a multiword label into individual labels for each word. Visual Underneath 3.01 breaks up large labels, so that data is easier to manage.

Visual Underneath 3.01 is scheduled for release during first quarter of 2001.

Canal+ Technologies and Sun partner to improve Java for interactive digital television

Canal+ Technologies and Sun Microsystems will work together to promote the development of Java technology for use in advanced digital set-top boxes. The new technology will enable operators and content providers to develop new interactive entertainment, news, information, and educational programs. Canal+ Technologies will use Sun's PersonalJava platform for integration with its Mediahighway middleware solution. Canal+ Technologies intends to port its cable head-end infrastructure products to the Sun Solaris Operating Environment and Sun Cluster 3.0 software. Canal+ Technologies' interactive TV (iTV) application servers will also be ported to the Sun platform. The iTV application servers offer interactive capabilities such as realtime gaming and chat applications.

MediaForm introduces new Java-based solution for printing and publishing

Dual Axiom, a new CD-R and DVD-R publishing system created by MediaForm, offers an integrated authoring, duplication, and printing solution based on Java technology. The solution allows users to create and produce CD-R or DVD-R media using any network interface, including a standard Web browser. The system can also be accessed remotely. Originally designed for B2B corporations, the product is also beneficial to data management, data storage, document imaging, and streaming video industries. Dual Axiom is a network-ready system built on a Windows NT workstation. It has an input/output capacity of 100 CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. Dual Axiom includes thermal printing for both media types and the ability to copy all current CD-R and DVD-R formats.

Dual Axiom is available through a MediaForm distributor.

Iona iPortal OS/390 Server 2.0 integrates Java-based applications with existing applications

Iona has released the iPortal OS/390 Server 2.0 Java Technology Edition. A standards-based enterprise solution for Java developers, iPortal OS/390 Server 2.0 allows for seamless integration of Java-based applications on the mainframe with existing COBOL, PL/I, IMS, and CICS applications. iPortal OS/390 Server 2.0 leverages Orbix 2000 in order to fully adhere to CORBA 2.3 standards. The Iona iPortal OS/390 Server 2.0 Java Technology Edition features:

  • Support for Java clients and servers in the OS/390 JDK version 1.3 software
  • Seamless integration with iPortal OS/390 products
  • CORBA standard IDL and the CORBA standard Java mapping that support service-oriented architectures
  • Iona's Adaptive Runtime Technology, a modular architecture that provides the framework for distributed enterprise applications written in Java technology and/or C++

JRockit 2.0 Virtual Machine for Java supports Solaris

Appeal Virtual Machines has released the JRockit 2.0 Virtual Machine for Java on Sun's Solaris Operating System. Designed for creating Websites that run on Solaris operating systems, JRockit features stability, scalability, and performance and provides server-side Java capabilities for building Java-based Websites. The JRockit 2.0 Virtual Machine is also easy to download and install. JRockit 2.0 fully supports multiprocessors and features multiuser scalability. Other enhancements to JRockit include improved I/O performance and dynamic optimization of code and memory usage, including patented technology for removing old optimized methods from memory without disruptions. JRockit 2.0 strictly adheres to Java specifications and prevents bottlenecks in Java execution.

JRockit 2.0 is available immediately and a free trial version can be downloaded from the company Website.

Rational Suite ContentStudio helps manage Java code artifacts in e-business applications

Rational Software has released Rational Suite ContentStudio, a solution for companies that need help managing content and code in complex e-business applications. That includes the capabilities to manage Java, XML, and C++ code artifacts and HTML, GIF, and JPEG content artifacts. Rational Suite ContentStudio combines Rational's ClearCase solution with Vignette Corporation's Content Management Server. Rational's ClearCase technology manages the artifacts within an e-development project, including Java and XML code and content in the form of Microsoft Word documents, HTML, and Adobe Acrobat files. The Vignette Content Management Server manages content of e-business applications. Rational Suite ContentStudio also includes the Rational SiteLoad, a Web-based load-testing tool, and Rational Rose, a visual modeling tool. Rational Suite ContentStudio supports third-party authoring tools including Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia DreamWeaver, and Allaire HomeSite.

Brokat Advisor from Blaze creates personalized business applications

Brokat Advisor software from Blaze provides businesses with the ability to create interactive applications and business processes that are automated, personalized, and easy to change through the use of customized business logic. Brokat Advisor software is written in Java and supports open standards such as J2EE and XML. Without requiring the help of programmers, Brokat Advisor can be used to modify business processes and applications, and changes can be deployed immediately. Using Advisor, multiple applications can be driven across multiple channels, such as Web, wireless, and email, from a single logic base. This allows the enterprise to use the same set of logic across many applications and channels. Brokat Advisor product family includes the Brokat Advisor Rule Server and Engine that makes deployment and execution of Advisor rule services easy to manage. The Brokat Advisor Rule Server and Engine supports J2EE and W3C XML standards.

Java applet-based quote streamer delivers financial information in real time

QuoteStream is a Web-delivered, applet-based quote streaming application that delivers realtime stock quotes and other financial equities data. QuoteStream integrates NYSE and AMEX realtime quotes and charts with Level 1 and Level 2 quotes from Nasdaq. A small Java applet powers QuoteStream. A standard Webpage or HTML-based email delivers data information.

QuoteStream features access to a wide array of financial information including NYSE, AMEX, Nasdaq Level 1, Nasdaq Level 2, and Canadian Exchange Group. Users also receive access to live intra-day charting and historical charting, company news, headline news, stock alerts, technical analysis, Web links, Java trading interfaces, and streaming audio/video. QuoteStream utilizes Microsoft's Active Desktop technology, allowing users to float the QuoteStream application off the host Webpage and permanently add it to their computer desktop.

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