J2EE project dangers!

Avoid these 10 J2EE dangers to ensure your enterprise Java project's success

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  1. Not understanding Java, not understanding EJB, not understanding J2EE
  2. Over-engineering (to EJB or not to EJB) (design patterns)
  3. Not separating presentation logic from business logic
  4. Not deploying where you develop
  5. Choosing the wrong vendor(s)
  6. Not knowing your vendor(s)
  7. Not designing for scalability or performance
  8. Antiquated development processes
  9. Not using frameworks
  10. Basing project plans and designs on marketing blurb, not technical fact
Humphrey Sheil, a Sun-certified J2EE architect and programmer, has worked on over 20 enterprise Java projects in Europe and in the United States, from initial scoping right through to live. Humphrey is a technical architect at Teogas Systems http://www.teogas.com in Dublin, Ireland.

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