Java Product News (April 27, 2001)

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Using ModelMethods, developers can automatically generate up to 80 percent of the code from Java and C++ applications from a model in the Rational Rose UML tool. These applications can then be deployed, managed, and exponentially scaled on the ModelMethods distributed application server platform. Future versions of ModelMethods software will support TogetherSoft's Together ControlCenter, XML, and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

SilverStream bundles Cloudscape with its app server

SilverStream Application Server 3.7.2 Developer's Edition now features Cloudscape 3.6. The Informix Cloudscape 100% Pure Java product suite provides data management for the Internet environment. The bundled product offering provides a Java database engine designed to enhance developer productivity for SilverStream customers by consistently deploying applications across platforms.

XML Schema added to SoftModeler

Softera has updated its Web services modeling tool to support XML Schema. SoftModeler 3.0 allows developers to use graphical symbols for designing XML schemes; they can generate a schema with one mouse click. SoftModeler also features code generation, reverse-engineering, and round-trip engineering of Java technology, JavaBeans, and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). In addition, SoftModeler 3.0 simulates the behavior of an SW design by animating sequence diagrams either continuously or step by step.

The product is available in three versions: Standard Edition, for the Java beginner; Professional Edition, for Java enterprise developers; and Enterprise Edition, which adds software simulation. A trial version is available for free download:

SonicMQ 3.1 extends messaging capabilities

The latest release of SonicMQ features new bridges designed to improve connectivity and integration with other messaging types and products. Developed by Sonic Software, the product's SonicMQ Bridge allows connection to third parties through an MQSeries interface, as well as to existing enterprise applications built on top of an MQSeries infrastructure. The SonicMQ Bridge is transparent to client applications; exchanging messages between two domains requires no changes to existing Java Message Service (JMS) or MQSeries applications. SonicMQ 3.0 supports Internet standards and is based on the JMS specification, which provides a common set of interfaces, messaging concepts, and programming strategies.

Together ControlCenter now available on Compaq Tru64

Compaq's Tru64 Unix platform will now support TogetherSoft's Together ControlCenter. Together ControlCenter integrates the design, deployment, debugging, and administration of application development. The tools allow business analysts, application architects, and software developers to all work in the same environment.

Task automation features include:

  • Model
  • Pattern
  • Edit
  • Compile
  • Debug
  • Version
  • Generate automatic documentation

Jennifer Wilson is an associate editor at JavaWorld.

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