Build secure network applications with SSL and the JSSE API

Get started with SSL and JSSE using these two simple apps

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  java EchoClient

To keep the setup simple, foobar functions as both the keystore and the truststore.

If you'd really like to have some fun, run these two applications with the SSL debug flag turned on, as you did in the introduction.


This month I introduced SSL and Sun's JSSE API, which implements SSL for Java. I also provided two simple applications that will help you start developing. With SSL and JSSE, your Java applications can be both secure and simple.

The JSSE specification and associated reference implementation are still rough around the edges, but they will improve with time. For now, the information and examples above should get you started with SSL and JSSE.

Todd Sundsted has been writing programs since computers became available in desktop models. Though originally interested in building distributed applications in C++, Todd moved on to the Java programming language when it became the obvious choice for that sort of thing. In addition to writing, Todd is the cofounder and chief architect of PointFire.

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