News and New Product Briefs (April 7, 2000)

INDEXHEAD: JavaOne 2000 conference approaching

Registration has just started for Sun's JavaOne Java Developer Conference, which will take place June 6-9 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. The conference combines hands-on technology development with lectures, tutorials, and discussions. Topics for this year's sessions include:

  • Java 2 technology
  • Java security issues
  • Jini technology's Distributed Services Programming
  • Java for wireless devices
  • Jiro architecture

INDEXHEAD: Tibco Software introduces TIB/IntegrationManager

Tibco Software has unveiled TIB/IntegrationManager, a business automation tool that is the latest addition to the Tibco ActiveEnterprise product line. TIB/IntegrationManager provides the realtime automation of data and information across software systems. This improves the performance of multistep business processes such as procurement, customer relationship management, and order management.

TIB/IntegrationManager is composed of a GUI that defines system relationships, interface calls and scripts, and process flows to both the integrated systems and an engine that performs set commands at runtime. Engineers can use the GUI to establish system calls, event flows, and expected responses. Business flows can be created using other UML (Unified Modeling Language)-compliant tools, then scripted to operate with TIP/IntegrationManager's engine.

Other TIB/IntegrationManager features include:

  • A graphical modeling environment for the development of process flows and event activity
  • Process definitions based on UML standards
  • Multiple application coordination via CORBA, Tibco ActiveEnterprise messages, and Enterprise Java Beans
  • Support for XML class definitions for data, and UML activity diagrams for process definition

The Java-based TIB/IntegrationManager will be available on Solaris and NT.

INDEXHEAD: Wolfram Research offers J/Link

Wolfram Research has announced a preview release of J/Link, a Mathematica toolkit composed of a Java-MathLink software developer's kit with utilities, documentation, and sample programs. Mathematica helps users decipher and envision mathematical concepts as expressions, rather than as programs or formulas. External programs can use the MathLink interface to communicate with Mathematica. MathLink lets Mathematica expressions be forwarded from one process to another, even if computations are being done by different machines.

Among other capabilities, J/Link:

  • Gives the user access to mathematical and technical information available in Mathematica, such as high-level numeric and symbolic solvers for servlets, applets, and applications
  • Allows Mathematica programs to function as a wiring and scripting language for Java, so users can create objects, load Java classes, and call methods from Mathematica
  • Relies on the Java reflection API, which allows Java code to describe itself to external agents and ensures that the proper interface is automatically generated

The preview offering of J/Link is available for free.

Download J/Link from Wolfram:

INDEXHEAD: Fireclick improves Web performance with predictive caching

Fireclick has announced the availability of Blueflame, a server-based software caching product that accelerates Website downloads. Blueflame uses realtime click-stream analysis to ready the browser cache before the next mouse click. Via a Java applet, the application accomplishes this by pre-downloading to a user's browser cache the page elements most likely to be used. The pre-download capitalizes on underused connection bandwidth while decreasing average download times. Online users typically utilize bandwidth only during Webpage downloads. Blueflame acts transparently and initiates pre-downloads during downtimes such as page views.

Fireclick will add its service to ISPs and wireless markets in 2001. The software is currently available on a service basis. Monthly charges are related to the amount of traffic generated by Blueflame.

INDEXHEAD: Looking for a new job? simplifies high-tech job searches by organizing 40 technology-specific sites, including, into one location. The Java site offers leads for job seekers as well as for organizations. Employers can list job openings and then begin reviewing résumés. They can also receive email notification of résumés that meet their qualifications. Job seekers do not need to register. However, posting a résumé allows them to be notified via email when a job posting meets their criteria. offers more than 27,000 job postings on its different sites and more than 3,500 Java-related situations.

INDEXHEAD: Optimizeit Professional adds Solaris support

Intuitive Systems is shipping Optimizeit 3.1 Professional for the Sun Solaris platform. The Java-based language profiling tool helps developers test Java applets, applications, servlets, and JavaBeans.

New Optimizeit features include:

  • The ability to profile application server environments so that performance problems can be monitored in Java applications
  • Integration with IBM's VisualAge 2 IDE
  • Display of performance-related data as a graph
  • The ability to filter out resources used by specific classes, packages, or methods
  • Integration wizards for connecting Optimizeit to Web servers

Optimizeit also offers advanced profiling tools that include memory-leak debugging, realtime monitoring of object allocations, and CPU profiling.

Optimizeit 3.1 Professional supports Sun's Java Development Kit and Java 2 Software Development Kit Standard Edition. It is priced at 49. INDEXHEAD: ActivCard enhances smart card offerings

ActivCard has expanded its digital identity and electronic certification offerings with the release of ActivCard Gold version 1.2, a multiapplication smart card-based software offering. The ActivCard Gold authentication package comprises client software, a multifunction smart card, and an optional ActivCard smart card reader.

ActivCard has added the following support options:

  • Baltimore Unicert support, which allows Baltimore Certificate Authority (CA) users to distribute Baltimore PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) credentials on a single multiapplication card
  • Sun Java Card support, which facilitates the use of Java Card apps on a single card
  • Novell eDirectory and NMAS support, which allows multiple credential types for users of Novell eDirectory services, systems, and applications
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 support, which also includes PKI authentication capabilities

ActivCard Gold is priced at 30 per user when purchased with the reader, smart card, and client software. It is 5 per user for only the smart card and client software.

INDEXHEAD: Oracle SEM embeds Formula One for Java spreadsheet capabilities

Oracle has licensed Tidestone Technologies' Formula One for Java, an embedded spreadsheet technology, to be used in Oracle Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) applications. Oracle SEM is an application suite comprising Activity Based Management, Balanced Scorecard, and Value-based Management elements. It will integrate Formula One for Java into read/write spreadsheet files and data-entry templates that allow users to perform analytical calculations without requiring an external spreadsheet application.

Formula One will rely on Java for reading and writing Oracle SEM's existing Excel templates. It also provides developers with APIs for incorporating reporting and analysis, scalable calculations, and data distribution and presentation capabilities into applications. Those abilities will allow Oracle SEM users to research and analyze business information as they input formulas directly into the applications' spreadsheetlike interface.

INDEXHEAD: Inxight enhances Hyperbolic Tree for Java

Inxight Software has updated its Hyperbolic Tree SDK for Java, a toolkit for incorporating Inxight's Hyperbolic Tree into Java applets and applications. Hyperbolic Tree version 2.0 provides a visual interface module that helps users navigate through large chunks of data such as networks or Websites. The tree displays information in a hierarchical fashion, which allows users to identify patterns, relationships, trends, and abnormalities that may not be seen so readily with traditional interfaces.

Additions to Hyperbolic Tree include:

  • Java 1 and Java 2 abilities
  • Greater design flexibility with visual variables
  • Improved image rendering
  • Swing components support
  • Support for directed graphs

Hyperbolic Tree for Java is priced at 5,000 per server. It is also licensed to OEM customers on a royalty model.

INDEXHEAD: Compuware ships NuMega DevPartner 2.0

Compuware has unveiled NuMega DevPartner 2.0 Java Edition, a software development suite of productivity tools that supply server-side support for developing Java applications. The suite also helps developers locate problems related to multithreading, memory use, test coverage, and code performance. DevPartner Java Edition also supports Web scripting technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML, Java Server Pages, and Active Server Pages.

NuMega DevPartner 2.0 Java does the following:

  • Locates bottlenecks and profiles the performance of all Java elements
  • Profiles memory usage to locate inefficient Java coding
  • Ensures all code is properly tested with TrueCoverage tool
  • Supports distributed applications with DevPartner Remote agent software
  • Identifies runtime multi-threading problems with NuMega Jcheck

NuMega DevPartner 2.0 Java Edition is priced at 99. It is expected to ship during the second quarter of 2000.

Find out more about NuMega DevPartner 2.0 Java Edition:

INDEXHEAD: WebGain Studio speeds ebusiness development

WebGain has introduced WebGain Studio, an ecommerce development offering that allows organizations to build component-based ecommerce applications in Java. WebGain Studio relies on technologies from Macromedia, The Object People, Symantec, Tendril Software, and Sun.

WebGain Studio is composed of the following elements:

  • WebGain Author, an HTML authoring environment that combines Macromedia's Dreamweaver with Enterprise Java application servers, such as BEA WebLogic, iPlanet, or IBM WebSphere
  • WebGain VisualCafe, a rapid application development environment
  • WebGain StructureBuilder, a round-trip engineering environment
  • WebGain Mapper, a tool that allows developers to map objects to traditional relational databases
  • WebGain Deployer, a tool that automatically deploys ecommerce apps and EJB business logic elements to application servers
  • WebGain Open API, a feature that allows organizations or vendors to add tools to WebGain Studio

WebGain Studio will be available for BEA WebLogic by the end of April. The application will be available in both Standard and Professional editions. The Professional Edition will supply object relational database mapping.

Find out more about WebGain Studio:

INDEXHEAD: NetObjects presents online service framework

NetObjects has developed the NetObjects Collage for e-Services platform, which provides organizations with a framework for developing online service offerings. NetObjects Collage for e-Services is a Java-based application that can be accessed via standard Web browsers.

The NetObjects Collage platform contains four basic elements:

  • Collaborative elements, which allow for universal content contribution
  • Content management elements, which coordinate and deliver content ranging from static text to dynamic data from databases
  • Enterprise integration elements, which leverage existing enterprise systems while enabling new Java and XML components
  • Dynamic application service elements, which offer a rapid development environment for Web applications via drag-and-drop component modules

NetObjects Collage for e-Services should be available during the third quarter of 2000. Find out more about NetObjects Collage:

INDEXHEAD: Software Artisans strengthens ASPStudio Web development suite

Software Artisans has improved its ASPStudio product suite -- an ASP toolkit for creating Web applications -- with the addition of SA-Jfile and SA-Archive, and the updating of SA-FileUp. The enhancements improve file transfer, archiving, and ASP transaction capabilities.

The SA-JFile 1.0 is a signed Java applet that facilitates bidirectional file transfers via Java-enabled browsers. It gives administrators upload and download progress levels and allows files to be uploaded and downloaded to different locations with a single command.

SA-Archive 1.0 is a server-side component for building, appending, selecting, and deleting archive formats such as Microsoft CAP and zip. It offers a self-extracting zip feature, as well as the ability to list the contents of archived files. SA-Archive also generates digital signatures for archives to guarantee that content is not changed or accessed inappropriately.

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