News and New Product Briefs (July 7, 2000)

INDEXHEAD: WebScope and TechNet Alliance sign distribution agreement

Under an agreement signed in June, TechNet Alliance will begin distributing WebScope's Java-based collaboration software application. WebScope was developed to run on a wide variety of systems including laptops and wireless networks. Its primary target is manufacturing industry applications, such as supplier networks, B2B Internet exchanges, and field operations and support.

As a result of this partnership, TechNet Alliance members will now be able to develop WebScope for their own collaborative needs and distribute it within specific geographic areas.

WebScope features include:

  • Support for multiple users
  • Online chat and instant messaging
  • Three-dimensional cross-section clipping
  • Access through standard browsers on all types of networks
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and HTTP tunneling
  • Automatic archiving of collaboration session data
  • Support for leading CAD formats
  • Data compression to enhance performance

The WebScope product is available immediately. Pricing information and other details may be obtained through local TechNet Alliance members or directly from WebScope.

INDEXHEAD: GemStone updates J2EE application server platform

GemStone/J 4.0, the latest version of GemStone Systems' J2EE-based application server platform, is intended to create more cost-effective operations for e-business. It is designed on an Extreme Clustering framework that utilizes J2EE technology to improve performance of B2B applications, supports multilevel virtual machines (VMs) per server, and is enabled for Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). VMs can be activated or deactivated depending on user activity, without any server downtime.

Gemstone/J 4.0 allows common deployment of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), CORBA, and Extensible Markup Language (XML) descriptors. This enables developers to add components while the site is running as well as decrease the time necessary to create deployment processes. PKI security and Java-based messaging are also included in the package.

GemStone/J 4.0 is available immediately. Pricing begins at ,995 per CPU.

INDEXHEAD: KL Group increases performance and scalability for JProbe

KL Group has released JProbe 2.8, the updated performance-tuning software for Java development designed to deliver better performance and scalability to large server-side applications. Enhancements include improved user interface, a new tool to eliminate memory recycling, special filtering capabilities to minimize overhead, and the option to save settings and configurations. In addition, the package now includes support for Linux.

JProbe 2.8 is shipping now and is priced at ,899, which includes a year of unlimited technical support and free upgrades. Additional tools are available, starting at 99.

INDEXHEAD: Buzzeo and iPlanet offer new EJB-based calendar product

Buzzeo and iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions have unveiled ZeoCalendarBean, a J2EE-compliant Enterprise JavaBeans tool designed for the iPlanet Calendar Server. Buzzeo's Java-based calendaring product, ZeoLogix, is now integrated with iPlanet's product line. This will allow Calendar Server, which features XML-based event feeds and collaborative scheduling tools, to be used with customized Java-based applications.

Buzzeo has also linked several of its other eLogix applications into iPlanet Calendar Server, such as SISLogix, HRSLogix, and FINLogix. These Java-based tools are expected to be utilized by large organizations with complex calendaring needs, such as academic institutions, human resources departments, and financial companies.

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INDEXHEAD: Manning Publications releases server-based Java guide

Server-Based Java Programming, a new guide from Manning Publications, discusses Java-related topics such as ClassLoaders, threads, CORBA, and Java Native Interface (JNI), and addresses how these work with the underlying concepts of J2EE applications. Intended for software engineers, IT staff, and enterprise application architects, the book, written by Ted Neward, also covers the following areas:

  • Distributing objects over a network
  • Monitoring a running system
  • Making servers robust and scalable
  • Dynamically reconfiguring code
  • Making use of idle CPUs

Manning is offering an online preview of selected portions of the book. In addition, a PDF e-book version is available immediately for 3.50. The print version, which is expected to ship in July 2000, is priced at 9.95.

INDEXHEAD: CrossLogic adds Versant enJin to its Java-based application development services

CrossLogic, specializing in Java e-business application development, will partner with Versant, a developer of e-business infrastructure software, to assist users with the assembly of Versant enJin. An EJB-based object management platform, Versant enJin was developed in conjunction with IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic and offers features such as object-to-relational mapping and XML messaging. CrossLogic officials anticipate that the product will help them meet demand for middle-tier persistence and other e-business needs. The company has already incorporated Versant enJin into its Strata Development Methodology, a framework that allows creation of object-oriented Web applications.

INDEXHEAD: Brokat Infosystems acquires Blaze Software and GemStone Systems

In an action valued at 31 million, Brokat Infosystems has announced its acquisition of Blaze Software and GemStone Systems. As a result of the merger, Brokat plans to add new CRM and Java components to Twister, its e-services product. In particular, GemStone's EJB application server, GemStone/J, will be folded into Twister, resulting in its support of J2EE technology. Brokat officials stated that they expect this product integration to broaden Twister's market applications beyond e-finance and e-commerce and offer users less complicated and more cost-effective access to Java-based technology.

During the initial phases of the transaction, both Blaze and GemStone's products will continue production under their original brand names. However, they will eventually be joined with Brokat's product line.

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INDEXHEAD: Peernet updates Java bar-code tools

Peernet has introduced new versions of a series of products that allow Java developers to add bar coding to software applications without programming: Linear Barcode Bean 2.0, Maxicode Bean 2.0, and PDF417 Bean 2.0. The beans permit users to create and print labels, tickets, invoices, and any other documents requiring bar codes. Enhancements to version 2.0 include better control over display and printing.

The updates support both Java 2 and JDK 1.1. The company expects them to be widely used with its Peernet Barcode and Label Servlets, which add dynamic bar-code and label generation to servers.

INDEXHEAD: Iona releases final element of iPortal Suite

Iona is now shipping iPortal Server 1.0, Standard Edition, the Web-facing component of an enterprise portal that aggregates back-end applications and manages content. The server is the final element of Iona's iPortal Suite, a platform for building and deploying enterprise portals. iPortal Server ships with the iPortal Application Server and Orbix 2000 offerings, providing an integrated J2EE-, SOAP-, XML- and CORBA-compliant environment.

The server builds, deploys, and manages portal applications through a structured Web design process. Its XML/XSL-based design ensures that Web content is architecturally separated from the presentation layer by separating content, presentation, business logic, and data layers. This allows the addition of new business logic or protocols without affecting data or Web content. As part of the presentation layer, a Style Manager feature can customize information according to the user's needs. In addition, the server provides an expandable platform for adding third-party plug-in applications through visible interfaces.

The iPortal Server is available from Iona and from partners including Compaq, Ciber, and SAIC, with pricing starting at 0,000. Currently, it supports Windows NT and Solaris 2.7. By third quarter 2000, the product will support Tru64 Unix.

Arden Yingling is an editor and freelance writer based in Oakland, Calif.