News and New Product Briefs (July 21, 2000)

INDEXHEAD: ParaSoft and CodeMarket form alliance

ParaSoft and CodeMarket have joined forces to develop outsourced software components. Under the agreement, Parasoft's Jtest Java-testing tool will be used for all components outsourced or purchased through CodeMarket's software development network. CodeMarket will build components according to customer specifications and test them with Jtest. The alliance is designed to help development outsourcers assess the quality of code they are receiving.

INDEXHEAD: Reef updates Internetware suite

By offering integrated content, commerce, community, and coordination management, Internetware 2.0, the latest version of Reef's Java-based Web application suite, should reduce the cost of e-business. The package is based on a forms interface that lets users manage content through drag-and-drop actions. In addition, its modular design is expected to offer flexibility and customization. Internetware supports audio and video content, allows online community management, and features personalized shopper profiles for e-commerce.

The package, which is available immediately, is sold as individual applications and as a suite. Pricing varies depending on the selected applications and other customer needs.

INDEXHEAD: Tadpole releases MagiWAP for WAP phones

Endeavor Technology, recently acquired by Tadpole Technology, has updated its MagiWAP software for use with WAP phones and other Web-enabled devices. MagiWAP utilizes the open source Magi tool suite, which is based on Java, XML, and other Web standards. The product equips mobile phones for use as remote control devices. For example, users will be able to fax or print documents from home or other distant PCs. No intermediate service is required, and documents do not have to be downloaded.

The updated MagiWAP release is available immediately for free download.

INDEXHEAD: IntraNet Solutions releases Xpedio Report Parser

IntraNet Solutions is now shipping Xpedio Report Parser, a tool that converts reports to XML, HTML, PDF, or text formats. Designed for use with the companion Xpedio Content Server, the product allows users to securely distribute business information over the Web.

Developed in Java, the report parser replaces IntraNet's earlier ReportSite product. The company expects it to offer customers greater flexibility and broader platform coverage. Users can also take advantage of features such as security integration, content and version control, workflow routing, and content update notifications.

Xpedio Report Parser is available immediately for 0,000.

INDEXHEAD: Ingeniux offers beta release of XPower Integrator

XPower Integrator, an XML application for publishing on wireless devices, is now available as a beta release from Ingeniux Corporation. The product uses the XPower server to pull data from existing systems, convert it to XML, and route it to wireless devices. Data is available immediately, with no separate conversion process required. According to company officials, this allows formatting for wireless devices to be added quickly and accurately.

The XPower Integrator, as well as the entire XPower application suite, is available immediately for Windows and will support Java and Unix in the near future.

INDEXHEAD: JBuilder will support Aqua

Inprise/Borland plans to offer the JBuilder tool for the Aqua interface of Apple's next operating system. As a result, Java developers will be able to use Aqua's new design elements when building Macintosh applications. Mac OS X is expected to support the Java 2 Platform, including the Java HotSpot Client Virtual Machine.

JBuilder, which now supports Linux, Windows, and Solaris, will be released for Mac OS X early in 2001.

INDEXHEAD: HOB unveils HOBLink Secure

HOB is adding HOBLink Secure, a platform-independent tool that allows secure communication across TCP/IP networks, to its family of HOBLink products. The product, which uses SSL3 encryption and transport layer security, is implemented in Java and Windows 32-bit. It includes features such as multiple encryption keys, hash algorithms, and client identification. HOBLink Secure can be used in any environment and is available as a software developer kit for use in non-HOB applications.

HOBLink Secure is shipping immediately. Pricing details are available from the company.

INDEXHEAD: ProtoView launches Java charting component

ProtoView Development has released version 1.0 of PowerChart, a new Java charting tool. Using integrated JavaBeans, PowerChart adds 2D and 3D renderings of graphs to Java applications. Currently, it supports area, bar, candle, column, line, pie, stock, and surface charts, with additional charts scheduled for future releases. The product can obtain data from any source, such as streaming data or XML feeds, and conforms to standard JavaBeans models. Users can control each chart's display characteristics and change data using a point-and-click interface.

INDEXHEAD: WebGain ships Java development tool

WebGain is now offering WebGain Studio, an integrated e-commerce tool for Java developers and system integrators. The product works with any existing database, OS platform, or J2EE application server, and is designed in accordance with standards such as servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, UML, and CORBA.

WebGain Studio integrates the following components:

  • JSP extensions for Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • WebGain VisualCafĂ© for EJB creation, validation, and hot-deployment for J2EE application servers
  • A pure Java UML feature
  • OR mapping technology of distributed Java objects and Enterprise JavaBeans

WebGain Studio is available in both standard and professional editions. Solaris, HP-UX 11, and Windows 98, NT, and 2000 are supported for debugging and deployment. WebGain Studio also supports Oracle8i, Informix, Sybase, and other JDBC-compliant databases.

The product is available from WebGain, BEA Systems, or corporate resellers.

Arden Yingling is an editor and freelance writer based in Oakland, Calif.