News and New Product Briefs (August 4, 2000)

INDEXHEAD: launches free Java service

Java developers can now make use of a service from that offers JSP/servlet hosting, collaboration, listing, and source code library services. After registering with the company, users can easily install, run, and share applications with other developers. Features of the service include the following:

  • Dedicated J2EE JVM
  • Web-based remote server administration
  • MySql database access
  • SMTP access
  • Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.0
  • XML, WAP, and WML support

That free service is available immediately.

INDEXHEAD: Tower Technology and Mercury Interactive unite to develop Java applications

Tower Technology, which develops products and services to enhance Java performance, has recently joined Mercury Interactive's e-business alliance. Mercury designs Web performance products for e-business and will now add Tower's Java focus to its product and service line. Tower develops the TowerJ, a JVM that is designed to increase performance by 200 percent to 500 percent. The company plans to use Mercury's testing protocols to demonstrate the reliability and speed of the TowerJ and other products.

For more information on TowerJ, check out:

Learn more about Mercury Interactive at:

INDEXHEAD: Versant unveils enJin eXpress mapping tool for Java developers

Versant has added enJin eXpress to its enJin line of e-business infrastructure tools. Designed for Java developers, enJin eXpress is a mapping tool that allows objects to be linked to relational databases in Java, CORBA, and Web server environments. It supports most 3-tier Java architectures and automatically generates SQL code, while its small size (less than 500K) allows quick object mapping.

The product supports mapping of a Java object model to an existing database schema and includes features such as caching of prepared SQL statements, joining and batch reading, and partial object activation. It supports any JDBC compatible database such as Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, Informix, Access and dBase, and also integrates with leading Java application servers.

The final version of Versant enJin eXpress is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2000. A free beta release is now available.

INDEXHEAD: KL Group ships DeployDetector for management of Java applications

DeployDirector, a new Java product from KL Group, deploys and manages client-side Java applications and applets in Web environments. The product is designed to offer efficient installment and update applications to increase productivity and lessen costs. Features of DeployDirector include the following:

  • Automated distribution and management of Java Runtime Environment
  • Automated application updates that minimize changes to reduce bandwidth
  • Tools to optimize JARs
  • Integration with existing authentications and authorizations
  • Distribution of any file type

DeployDirector is available immediately. Pricing varies, depending on the number of clients and servers.

INDEXHEAD: TurboZip now supports Java archive tools has released version 4.2 of TurboZip, its archive, email management, and backup tool. The new release now supports Sun's Java archive tool format (JAR), which packages Java applets and applications into archives for download in a single HTTP transaction. TurboZip 4.2 allows users to create and open JAR file formats. It also supports opening and viewing common formats from within a JAR archive.

TurboZip organizes online and offline files in user-defined groups, which offer extra security beyond password protection. It also contains an archiving engine with multithreading features to improve performance.

TurboZip is available immediately and is priced at 9.95. Upgrades cost 4.95.

INDEXHEAD: Running Start adds Java/XML/WAP support

In an effort to take advantage of the capabilities of Apple's WebObjects 4.5 development platform, Running Start's ArticleBASE Web content management and publishing system now supports Java, XML, and WAP. The company anticipates that the new features of ArticleBASE 2.1 will allow more flexible data exchange and better customization and support of Websites.

ArticleBASE offers secure global access, central storage of content, and open APIs. It runs on Solaris, Windows NT, and Mac OS X Server, in addition to databases such as Oracle, Sybase, and MS SQL Server.

ArticleBASE 2.1 is expected to ship in late summer 2000.

INDEXHEAD: Computer Associates International releases EJB development tool

Computer Associates International is now shipping Cool:Joe version 1.1, a new release of an Enterprise JavaBean development tool. As a component of the company's Jasmineii e-business platform, Cool:Joe is designed to reduce some of the problems and complexities associated with EJB and J2EE specifications.

Cool:Joe 1.1 is J2EE-compliant and automates many of its steps. It supports Sun's reference implementation so that developers can test and debug EJB components. In addition, the package features component-modeling capabilities that support UML 1.3 standard notation.

Enhancements to that version of Cool:Joe:

  • A task advisor that gives step-by-step assistance for developing EJBs
  • Web server support that generates HTML and JSP
  • A context sensitive editor
  • Reuse of existing Java code and databases

Cool:Joe 1.1 is available immediately and is priced at ,000.

INDEXHEAD: IIT offers free JMS messaging system

IIT GmbH has launched SwiftMQ 1.0, a free implementation of the Java Messaging Service (JMS) specification 1.0.2. The product requires no database system or JNDI server and offers setup of any router configuration. It utilizes the point-to-point and publish/subscribe message models. SwiftMQ's advanced communication and compression protocols is intended to make it one of the fastest JMS messaging tools available.

SwiftMQ is available immediately and is offered free for private and commercial use or product bundling.

INDEXHEAD: Allaire licenses J2EE platform from Sun

Allaire, which focuses on e-business software and services, has licensed Sun's J2EE platform for use in its JRun 3.0 Java application server. As a feature in Allaire's business platform, JRun 3.0 offers a clean-room implementation of J2EE specifications. Licensing J2EE will allow the company to guarantee compatibility with Java industry standards and the principles of the Java Community Process.

JRun 3.0 features a modular design and a range of Java technologies, including Enterprise JavaBeans 1.1, Java Transaction API 1.0, Java Messaging Service 1.0, JavaServer Pages 1.1, and Java Servlets 2.2. A developer edition can be downloaded free from the company's Website.

INDEXHEAD: FFM Software releases new Java viewer

FFM Software has released FFMCALS, a Java-based viewer that allows users to share and distribute CALS documents. Instead of having server-side applications convert the files and send them to a thin client, FFMCALS reads compressed data and transmits it directly to a browser. In addition, the product offers several viewing and printing features such as 300-dpi printing directly from Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, batch printing, and a simple Web-based viewing interface. It includes magnification, bird's eye, and zoom and rotation tools, as well as a Java API that allows access to all viewer features.

FFMCALS supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000, IBM AIX, Solaris, and HP Unix as well as any server software.

INDEXHEAD: and Hot Dispatch offer component management tool

As a result of a recent partnership, is integrating its add-in tool for Java IDEs, Flashline Component Manager, with Hot Dispatch's technical expertise marketplace. Users of Component Manager will now have access to Hot Dispatch's community of development experts, and Hot Dispatch will gain the experience of Component Manager users.

Flashline Component Manager 1.1 allows rapid development of component-based systems. Under the agreement with Hot Dispatch, which currently contains over 12,000 Java experts, developers will be able to post questions or find project freelancers. Hot Dispatch will control transactions and administer a rating system for registered users.

Version 1.1 of Flashline Component Manager, containing the Hot Dispatch integration, is available immediately at no cost. Pricing for the Hot Dispatch service is set by the buyer, and it varies, depending on the inquiry.

Arden Yingling is an editor and freelance writer based in Oakland, Calif.