News and New Product Briefs (August 18, 2000)

INDEXHEAD: IBM offers Java Virtual Machines for download

Developers can now download five Java Virtual Machines (VMs) from IBM for various platforms, including Java VMs for Linux, AIX, and OS/390. The newest version of OS/400 will contain a Java VM, and WebSphere Developer Domain offers a Windows version.

IBM began offering a preview of the Java VM 1.3 for OS/2 in June and anticipates a release on September 1, 2000.

To download Java VMs for Linux, AIX, or OS/390, visit IBM: a/jdk/download/index.html

The Windows Java VM is available from the WebSphere preview section: tware/websphere/developer

INDEXHEAD: Atinav launches Java-based communications software

The beta version of Atinav's aveAccess, a Java-based product that serves as a translator between the Internet and communications devices such as telephones, PDAs, and WAP phones, is now available. The software converts information to the correct format automatically and translates domestic and international carriers and protocols.

aveAccess consists of a scalable WAP gateway, an audio Web module that converts HTML into speech or speech to text, and a wireless server that utilizes Sun's Jini technology. The gateway supports any mobile network standard as well as multiple WAP specifications.

Atinav also plans to integrate aveAccess with its aveComm product to allow businesses more communication options. Both products are shipping immediately, with a free demo of aveAccess available from Atinav.


INDEXHEAD: Manning releases guide to Java 3D user interfaces

Manning Publications has recently published 3D User Interfaces with Java 3D, written by Jon Barrilleaux. Geared toward an audience of interface designers and programmers, the book is intended to aid in the development of sophisticated 3D interfaces that do not require external devices such as data gloves. Barrilleaux discusses 3D interface design as it relates to e-commerce, system monitoring, and data visualization and focuses on implementing designs using Java 3D.

Several portions of the book, including the table of contents and three full chapters, are now available online, free of charge. Customers can also download an e-book edition or purchase a hard copy. The e-book edition costs 3.50; the hard copy is 9.95.

INDEXHEAD: Eliad releases JSmartGrid for Java 2

Eliad Technologies is now shipping JSmartGrid 1.0, a Swing grid component designed for the Java 2 Platform. The product's small size (162 KB) allows easy use with Web or database applications. Developers can build tables, grids, or spreadsheets, and data can be displayed in a variety of formats, including text, graphics, or Swing components.

JSmartGrid reformats HTML tables into Java tables, allows display of XML documents, and features flexible data and style models.

This product is priced at 79 per copy. Developers can download a free evaluation version from Eliad. ducts.html

INDEXHEAD: CA updates support tool for Java B2B applications

The latest version of COOL:Plex, an application development tool designed for e-business use, is now available through Computer Associates International. COOL:Plex 4.5 shrinks the overall size of Java applications and implements SSL security for B2B and B2C situations. Other enhanced features include:

  • The ability to download Java applets individually on demand
  • Parity for Windows GUI/Java GUI
  • AS/400 firewall support
  • Improved scalability for Windows 2000

The company expects that the new release will offer additional support and security for developing transaction-based Java applications. COOL:Plex 4.5 is designed for AS/400, Windows 2000/NT, and Netfinity. products/cool/plex/coolplex_pd.htm

INDEXHEAD: Visual Parse++ 4.0 extends support

Sandstone has updated its visual programming tool Visual Parse++ to support XML technologies, including Xpath, Xpointer, XSLT, and XQL. In addition, the product sustains C++, Java, C, Delphi, and Visual Basic. For multiplatform or multiprogramming language needs, the C++ and Java class libraries transport to any platform. Visual Parse++ contains an embedded OS API and supports DBSC and Unicode.

The programming tool is available for 95. A cross-platform edition costs 95. n.htm

INDEXHEAD: SilverStream Application Server 3.5 expands integration capabilities

SilverStream Software has recently updated the J2EE application server that serves as a key element of its e-business platform. New features of SilverStream Application Server 3.5:

  • Integration with Borland Jbuilder and WebGain Visual Café
  • A visual interface for EJB development
  • Automated deployment of JavaServer Pages and expanded support for DreamWeaver
  • Web server integration with Microsoft Internet Information Services and iPlanet Web Server
  • A set of graphical development tools for developing Web applications in Linux (beta release)
  • Improved network security

The updated application server is available immediately. Purchasing and pricing information can be obtained from SilverStream sales offices or authorized resellers.

INDEXHEAD: Extensibility updates XML data editor

Extensibility, Inc. is now shipping XML Instance 1.1, a new release of its XML data editor. XML Instance creates and edits XML documents, messages, and configuration files. With this update, data from ODBC sources can be imported and deployed as XML data. Enhanced XSLT stylesheets allow XML documents to be changed into other XML documents or viewed with Web browsers. XML Instance 1.1 also features support for Java encoding types and improved options for customizing display.

XML Instance 1.1 runs on Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Unix, and Mac platforms. It is available free to existing users and can be downloaded immediately. A single-user license is priced at 9.95. Multiuser licenses are also available.


INDEXHEAD: JunC++ion integrates Java and C++

Codemesh has announced the beta release of its JunC++ion technology, which integrates Java and C++. The tool allows C++ programs to use Java classes as though they were C++ classes, which helps programmers integrate C++ clients and servers into Java. Using JunC++ion, users do not have to port, use CORBA or ORBs, or code JNI. Programs can use Java standards, such as JDBC and Java servlets, and can integrate into an EJB environment.

Using JunC++ion, components written in different languages can run together, so users can write in whatever language is ideal for the situation. In addition, C++ applications can port incrementally to Java, and Java libraries are available to C++ applications without porting.

JunC++ion runs in both Java 1 and Java 2 with all major Java VMs, including those from Sun, IBM, and Microsoft. The beta release is available immediately from Codemesh. html

INDEXHEAD: Sun XML center offers graphics software

Sun's XML Technology Center has announced the beta release of its 2D graphics Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) generator software. The product is designed to help Java developers take advantage of the universal syntax of XML. The SVG format, currently being developed at the World Wide Web Consortium, describes 2D graphics in XML. SVG is a plain text format that produces graphics files, which are usually smaller than similar JPEG or GIF files. Additionally, users can zoom in on any particular area of the graphic without distortion or degradation. Images can print at any resolution, and SVG also supports scripting and animation.

Because of the compatibility of Java and XML, the 2D graphics SVG generator lets Java applications export graphics to the SVG format. Users can import files into any editing or viewing tool that supports SVG.

Sun is also offering an SVG slide toolkit, a package of stylesheets that turn XML documents into an interactive SVG slide presentation.

Both the 2D SVG graphics generator and the SVG slide toolkit can be downloaded free of charge.

For more information on SVG, visit: /SVG/Overview.htm8

Arden Yingling is an editor and freelance writer based in Oakland, Calif.