News and New Product Briefs (2/20/99)

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The Application Server lets developers deploy applications on multiple platforms and systems. It works with the Web server to allow the dynamic creation of HTML based on information contained in databases, acting as a broker between the client display logic and organization's information system. It supports failover detection, application partitioning, data-connection caching, dynamic load balancing, and support for multi-platform environments.

The Development Studio supports Mac OS System 7.6.1 or better (PowerPC) and Windows 95/98/NT. The price for either platform is 95. The Application Server supports Mac OS System 7.6.1 or better (95), Win32/Windows NT (,495), Solaris 2.5 or better (,995), and AIX 4.1 (,995). founder and CEO John Carrieri said, "Tango's power and flexibility are key to's success. There are few Web-development tools robust enough to manage a whole community site. Tango was designed with dynamic, highly interactive communities like ours in mind."

Carrieri added, "A major advantage of Tango is that we can do our development on the Macintosh, then deploy on Sun Solaris. The Mac's fluid, intuitive interface is great for building Web applications. For deployment, we needed a powerhouse platform scalable to the demands of a high-traffic site, and Solaris is perfect for that."


BackBone offers RAD Java info servers for IBM

BackBone Enterprises announced that its Java-based BackBone Information Servers support IBM's Netfinity and RS/6000 platforms. Meanwhile, testing of the servers is finishing up on IBM AS/400 and S390 platforms.

The ability to support IBM platforms gives Information Servers access to IBM's DB2 Universal Database, as well as other data sources. Backbone products bring integrated Symantec Visual Cafe and Inprise jBuilder development environments.

BackBone Information Servers incorporate a Data Access Dictionary to provide visual development and real-time testing of database services, as well as visual development of data-business rules. They also incorporate intelligent business rules in a central repository, so developers don't have to recode the same data formatting, SQL, and validation rules. Also, the centralized repository provides consistency through the reuse of prebuilt services.

The servers come with intelligent JavaBeans that are used to integrate data without coding.

BackBone servers support Oracle7.2 and up, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM UDB 5.0, and Sybase databases. Besides Netfinity and RS/6000, it supports such platforms as Windows NT, Solaris, and NetWare 5.0.

Check with the company for pricing.

SocratEase Web-based, Java-based training tool

Eutectics Corp. announced SocratEase, collaborative Web-based training software written in Java that includes comprehensive authoring, testing, and administrative features.

SocratEase, which resides on a single server, comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to include graphics, sound, and video. The highly customizable software has a built-in e-mail system. It is accessible via a Web browser.

It features:

  • An easy-to-use courseware-creation environment for building media-rich materials
  • A course-delivery publishing engine that uses a standard Web server and publishing templates
  • A sysadmin Web tool for access control and administration
  • Instructor student-monitoring utilities
  • Test and quiz templates for non-programmers
  • Support for streaming video, collaboration boards, and video
  • Import/export utilities

Pricing for SocratEase starts at 97 for five users and ranges to 1,457 for 2,000 or more users. There is a free trial version.

Kane Scarlett comes to JavaWorld from such magazines as Advanced Systems, Digital Video, NC World, Population Today, and National Geographic. He's not a platform fanatic -- he just likes systems that work (i.e., don't issue a beta as a final version) and systems you don't have to upgrade every six months (upgrades should be new features, not bug fixes).
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