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Didn't make it to the JavaOne Pavilion last month? Need an overview of the new products in your area of specialty? This listing provides summaries of new products available or previewed on the JavaOne Pavilion floor.

Latest revision of top-selling Java book released

The Complete Java Training Course: Third Edition (including Java How to Program: Third Edition) is the latest revision of the world's top-selling Java computer science textbook. The new book, from Deitel & Associates, Inc., is completely updated to cover Java 2 and includes new chapters on JavaBeans, JDBC, RMI, Servlets, and Collections. The Complete Java Training Course includes the textbook and our Java Multimedia Cyber Classroom interactive CD-ROM. Due to ship August 1, 1999.

The list price is 6 for the book, 9.95 for the Complete Training Course.

Version 2.0 of first-ever imaging SDK now shipping

RasterMaster for the Java platform was the first Imaging SDK created for Java developers, according to Scott Brill, spokesperson for Snowbound Software. Now shipping in version 2.0, the class library provides pure Java imaging functionality, including support for raster formats JPEG, GIF, DICOM, BMP, TIFF, CMYK, and more.

What makes Snowbound's Imaging SDK different? RM 2.0 adds the capability to print images at high resolution from within Java. The easy-to-use API's functionality also includes display, rotation, zoom, pan, scroll, print, save, deskew, despeckle, rotate any angle, and more.

RasterMaster 2.0 View ,350; RasterMaster 2.0 Plus ,995; RasterMaster 2.0 Extended ,995.

New release of TowerJ 3 development environment now available

TowerJ is a high-performance deployment environment that is becoming the industry standard for deploying business-critical server-side Java applications.

Unlike typical Java virtual machines (JVMs), just-in-time (JIT) compilers, and Dynamic Adaptive Compilers (HotSpot), TowerJ converts Java application bytecode into highly optimized self-contained binary native executables off-line from production server hardware prior to deployment. This approach allows for the more efficient execution of server-side Java applications, improving performance and system throughput on existing hardware. In addition, the TowerJ approach enhances reliability, security, intellectual property protection and application manageability, according to Tower Technology.

The newest release of TowerJ, version 3, now shipping, allows for the mixed-mode deployment and execution of Java bytecode and precompiled native code, delivering both high performance and the dynamic features of Java technology. TowerJ supports all the standard enterprise Java APIs, including EJB, RMI, JDBC, JSP, and Servlets. TowerJ is available today on Solaris, HP-UX, Compaq Tru64 Unix, Windows NT, AIX, IRIX, and Linux, with DG/UX targeted for the third quarter of 1999.

Independent benchmark tests ( show TowerJ to be the performance leading deployment environment for server-side Java applications, according to Tower spoksperson Madison Cloutier.

The Commercial Starter Kits costs ,000.

Simply Objects Release 3 lets you use UML and Java

Simply Objects Modeling tools, from Adaptive Arts, provide a seamless way to architect Java systems using UML. The tool set features a solid interface, analysis and design facilities, layout algorithms, custom code and Web-site generation, reverse engineering, JSL scripting, and support for teams. Due to ship July 1999.

Pricing ranges from free to ,995.

Avoid defining tables and issuing SQL calls -- with JYD Object Database

Written entirely in the Java language, JVD Software Engineering's JYD Object Database is a multiuser system with transaction logic, client-server support, and garbage collection on the database. JYD Object Database stores pure objects, avoiding the need to define tables and issue SQL calls. Essentially, programmers write Java applications as if everything were in memory. The DBMS moves objects to and from secondary storage and takes care of concurrent access to objects. This product puts a serious object database within the reach of every Java developer. A package is also available that includes a modeling tool for generating complete database interfaces. The tool is priced from 9.

Java component- and app-development tools now offered by Tendril Software

The StructureBuilder 3.2 family of tools, now shipping, are UML model-based Java component- and application-development tools. "They are the only visualization tools to be tightly integrated into an IDE," according to Tendril Software spokesperson Nick Kimball.

StructureBuilder can currently be integrated into Visual Café and NetBeans; other integrations are planned. StructureBuilder allows a developer to generate code from interaction diagrams. StructureBuilder can also recognize many relationships when reverse engineering. StructureBuilder has synchronized source code and Class Diagram. It supports Sequence Diagrams and Use Case Diagrams. With this tool you can generate Javadoc tags automatically and create HTML documentation of your object model with diagram image maps. StructureBuilder allows you to visually define, verify, and generate supporting code for JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans as well as parse, identify, and extend existing components. The product contains a comprehensive and easy-to-use Open API. StructureBuilder is certified 100% Pure Java.

The pricing structure is as follows: StructureBuilder Standard 95; StructureBuilder Enterprise 95; StructureBuilder Enterprise Pro 95; StructureBuilder Enterprise Pro-SM ,990.

Free Java toolkit is shipping now from Entrust Technologies

The Entrust/Alliance Java Toolkit (Edition 4.1) supports the use and management of Entrust/PKI user credentials and full-certificate life-cycle management. The toolkit includes support for PKIX-based protocols and supports full X.509 Version 3 certificate and chain validation. The toolkit also creates and processes KCS #7 enveloped messages. The Entrust/Alliance Java Toolkit is shipping now.

Download the toolkit from

Advanced printing/report generation package supports Java apps and applets

Style Report 2.0 is an advanced printing/report generation package for Java platform applications and applets. Any type of Java data sources, such as JDBC and GUI components, can adapt easily into Style Report. The API supports the full spectrum of report generation, from printing Swing JTable to charting and cross-tabbing. High-performance, high-resolution printing is archived with custom printer drivers. Built-in drivers also provide output in PDF, Postscript, RTF, and HTML format. The package includes built-in report previewing, a large number of table styles, and many data adapters. Visual design tools are also provided to further cut down coding. Due to ship July 15, 1999.

The Lite Edition is free; the Pro Edition costs 95; and the Source Edition is priced at ,495.

Protect your Java class files from reverse engineering -- with Condensity!

Condensity shrinks, obfuscates, and optimizes Java code, protecting Java class files from reverse engineering and making them smaller and more efficient. Plumb Design spokesperson Michael Freedman says, "Condensity's proprietary technology reduces the size of Java applets by an average of 40 percent."

Condensity automatically generates jar, zip, cab, and raw versions of your condensed code. Condensity analyzes code to determine which methods can be safely finalized, improving execution speed.

A simple step-by-step process gives you total control of the balance between protection, size, and interoperability. This flexibility combines with a user-friendly interface.

Condensity outputs obfuscated code that is compatible with all versions of Java Virtual Machines. It reduces class file size, speeds performance, and packages your Java language code for deployment. It is easy to learn and fast to use, according to Freedman.

Condensity is priced at 49.95.

ServletExec Debugger 2.1

The ServletExec Debugger, from New Atlanta Communications, promises no more tedious debugging via System.out.println. The debugger is a basic Web server implemented in Java that has the full ServletExec servlet engine built-in for servlet source-code debugging. The ServletExec Debugger allows you to debug your servlets within most popular Java IDEs, including Symantec Visual Café, Borland JBuilder, IBM VisualAge for Java, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Sybase PowerJ, and Microsoft Visual J++. Due to ship June 1999 (public prerelease currently available).

ServletExec 2.1

ServletExec 2.1 is a lightweight and inexpensive Web application server and servlet engine that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages (JSP) for Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise, the Apache server, and MacOS Web servers. The product shipped June 1, 1999.

The cost of ServletExec 2.1 is 95 per Web server.

Snapplet Web authoring tool now available

The Internet is no longer restricted to JPEG and GIF images!

Snowbound Software offers an applet -- called Snapplet -- that can free Web sites from the restriction to JPEG and GIF images. Snapplet is a Java applet that downloads and views files in imaging formats such as TIFF, BMP, JPEG, MO:DCA, CALS, and GIF through Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. Additionally, with the DICOM and JEDMICS support option, you can support two significant imaging market segments -- medical imaging and military engineering imaging -- with true Java technology.

Snowbound's applet allows the browser client to offer functions such as zoom, rotate, pan, scroll, save, and next page without any installation (i.e. no plugins needed).

The pricing structure: 20 seats ,000; 50 seats ,500; 100 seats ,000; 500 seats ,500; 100 seats - 0,000. Customized applets are available at an additional cost.

You can see sample of the applet's capabilities at

Java programming library can be embedded in any Java-based app

ILOG JRules offers a comprehensive Java language programming library that can be embedded in any Java-based application, client, or server. JRules is ideal for use in multi-threaded application servers and high-performance network-management applications. ILOG JRules leads the industry in high-performance, low-overhead rule engine technology. The rule engine operates on your existing business objects.

The ILOG spokesperson says, "If your application's business logic needs greater flexibility and dramatically increased performance, then ILOG JRules should be part of your future."

Create rich GUIs with ILOG JViews

ILOG JViews is a 100% pure Java language library that allows developers to create highly customized, visually rich graphical user interfaces.

It complements the simple components provided by Swing technology and other Java-platform vendors, providing services for creating Web-based maps, for visualizing complex data relationships, and for the easy creation of custom application graphics.

"ILOG JViews gives developers the fastest, most comprehensive solution for designing and maintaining the GUIs of their most demanding apps -- in the Java language," according to the ILOG spokesperson.

Pricing starts at ,500.

BankFrame provides factory of Java components

EON Technologies's BankFrame is an architecture, a framework, and a factory of Java components for building banking solutions for multiple delivery channels. The BankFrame component library comprises Swing technology, JavaBean and Enterprise JavaBean components for building scaleable solutions. Turnkey applications, assembled from BankFrame components, include Call Center, Online Banking, Teller, Loan Processing, Bank Administration and Core Bank Accounting. Components are available individually.

Components are individually priced.

Data Vista Pro is a 100% Pure Java applet

DataVista Pro, from Visualize, Inc., is a certified 100% Pure Java applet that allows you to tap the power of Visual Interactive Data Analysis (VIDA) for enterprise level, Internet- and intranet-based services. DataVista Pro allows you to seamlessly integrate cross-platform graphing, analysis, and data-drilling capabilities into an enterprise solution.

Contact the company for pricing.

Security toolkit supports Transport Layer Security on Java platform

According to Phaos Technology, SSLava 2000 is the first security toolkit to support TLS (Transport Layer Security) on the Java platform, for building military-strength security functionality in a variety of Internet business applications, from financial services to healthcare. SSLava 2000 from Phaos is a new release of the world class SSLava Toolkit, the first SSL (Secure Socket Layer) solution for the Java platform, according to Phaos.

SSLava 2000 is available July 1999.

Pure Java data-visualization class library from Visualize

VantagePoint is a powerful and flexible 100% Pure Java data-visualization class library. VantagePoint utilizes a model-view-controller architecture that supports a wide range of two- and three-dimensional graph types, allowing for seamless integration with multiple data sources that update in real-time.

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