News and New Product Briefs (October 20, 1999)

O'Reilly and NetObjects bring online conferencing to site developers

Book publisher and software developer O'Reilly & Associates has partnered with ebusiness software and services provider NetObjects to develop online conferencing and chat applications for Web sites.

O'Reilly & Associates' WebBoard 4.0 now comes with a plug-in component for NetObjects Fusion 4.0, making it possible to integrate its login screen into a NetObjects Fusion-designed site.

The NetObjects Fusion Web site construction application includes drag-and-drop codeless editing. It also features site management with an open and extensible platform designed for creating ebusiness sites with online catalogs, ecommerce, and Web applications.

"The combination of WebBoard for community-building and NetObjects Fusion for site creation expands the possibilities for rapid site development among thousands of Web site builders," said Gina Blaber, O'Reilly's software director.

WebBoard 4.0 with the component for NetObjects Fusion is ,199, available now. NetObjects Fusion 4.0 full version is available for 00. Users of previous version 3.0 have the option to upgrade.

Further information is available at:

O'Reilly releases Host Master 4.0 for Web managers

O'Reilly & Associates announced the release of Host Master 4.0, a new companion product to WebBoard, the company's communication software.

Host Master enables power administration of WebBoard sites, with easy setup and management of multiple domains, boards, conferences, and users. WebBoard is a robust, enterprise-level product utilized in live chat, forums, and conferences.

Host Master features include:

  • Multiple domain names on a single server
  • Bulk user management tools
  • Open scripting
  • Application Programming Interface (API) and archiving

Host Master is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2000, with the suggested retail price yet to be announced. WebBoard is available and priced at ,199.

Progress Software introduces new Internet messaging server for Java

Progress Software, producer of application development, deployment, and management solutions, announced availability of its Progress SonicMQ Internet messaging server for Java developers.

SonicMQ provides developers with a tool to meet the increasing scalability requirements for business-to-business and consumer ecommerce.

The server is based on Sun's Java Message Service (JMS) specification, providing a common set of messaging concepts and programming strategies.

Features of JMS implementations in the SonicMQ include:

  • Hub-and-spoke architecture
  • XML compliance
  • Graphical Java-based administration
  • Hierarchical namespaces

SonicMQ is a 100% Pure Java implementation.

The product will ship in two versions: the Enterprise Edition, a fully featured product for deployment configurations and complex development environments, and the Developer Edition, which allows developers to build and test messaging applications.

Both editions will be available in November in North America, and in other markets by early 2000.

SonicMQ is certified to run with Oracle8i, Microsoft SQL Server v7.0, and Progress RDBMS 9.1, as well as its own internal database. SonicMQ Enterprise Edition runs on Microsoft Windows NT and Solaris; the Developer Edition runs only on Microsoft Windows NT.

The Developer Edition will be available free of charge; pricing for the Enterprise Edition is scheduled to be announced prior to shipment.

HotDispatch delivers Java support in online marketplace

HotDispatch Inc. announced the completion of its Sun-sponsored pilot program designed to deliver Java technology support through an online marketplace.

According to the press release, the eight-week project enabled over 1,500 Java programmers to purchase and sell expertise.

Technical and programming questions were posted on the HotDispatch site, with the price people were willing to pay for solutions.

According to HotDispatch, there were long-unanswered Java programming questions that received many useful solutions from pilot participants in less than a day.

"HotDispatch provides a unique and useful service that helped me complete a number of Java programming tasks in a relatively short time," said George White, a pilot program participant. "The exposure to multiple views on problem resolution, from diverse support personnel, provided not only answers to my problems but also broadened my understanding of the Java programming language."

The HotDispatch marketplace is scheduled to launch this month, and will include a variety of developer technologies in addition to such end-user products as Microsoft Office and StarOffice.

Theory Center introduces new training/consulting services for EJB

The Theory Center, a provider of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) component-based solutions, has introduced its professional services program, the LaunchEJB Series.

The program aims to cover the latest developments in the field, and features on-site training, classroom education, and consulting services targeted at companies that need to quickly develop and implement standards-based ebusiness applications.

Targeted at application architects and design staff with EJB knowledge, the program seeks to support everyone from first-time users to advanced developers.

LaunchEJB includes an introductory training course and three consulting services tracks, which can be taken sequentially. For pricing and availability, call (888)Theory1 ((888)743-6791) or email

O'Reilly takes Java Enterprise to nutshell format

O'Reilly & Associates' new publication, Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, details the APIs that comprise the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The book is designed as a reference guide targeted at Java programmers who work on distributed enterprise applications.

Content includes the core enterprise APIs that are part of Java 1.2, as well as numerous standard extensions. Java Enterprise in a Nutshell includes tutorials on a variety of Java enterprise APIs, including:

  • JDBC
  • RMI
  • Java IDL
  • Java servlets
  • JNDI
  • Enterprise JavaBeans

"There aren't many resources for Java enterprise developers, which is a shame," says William Crawford, one of the book's authors. "As we were writing this book, I kept the drafts around the office to help train new developers, and was in turn able to use their questions to help develop a better book."

Upcoming companion pieces from O'Reilly include Java in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, which will cover the key nongraphical, nonenterprise APIs in Java 1.2, and Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell, which describes the graphics- and GUI-related classes of Java 1.2.

Java Enterprise in a Nutshell is available at a retail price of 9.95.

An excerpt from the book, Chapter 4 on the Java IDL, is available for preview on the O'Reilly Web site:

For more information about the book, see:

Sun-Netscape Alliance announces the new iPlanet Web server

The Sun-Netscape Alliance launched a new release of its Netscape Enterprise Server, the iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition 4.0.

According to the alliance, the flexible and scalable upgrade includes improved Java performance on the enterprise server.

Features include application availability and dynamic interaction with Web processes, centralized administration and management tools, and applications optimized for iPlanet Web Server.

A free trial of the iPlanet Web Server is available for download; for pricing, contact Sun or Netscape:

iPlanet bundles Optimizeit Java performance tool

Intuitive Systems announced the shipment of a two-week trial demo of its Java performance tool, Optimizeit 3.0 Professional.

The Java profiling tool tracks and resolves performance problems in Java programs.

Optimizeit utilizes the iPlanet Web Server, including memory leak debugging, CPU profiling, and realtime monitoring of object allocations.

The product is available for Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and Linux operating systems, and includes support for Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK 1.1) and Java 2 Software Development Kit, Standard Edition (J2SE).

The full-featured version of Optimizeit is available in various price categories, ranging from 9 to 00.

Registration for download is available at:

aJile to license Rockwell Collins JEM Java Technologies

aJile announced a license agreement with Rockwell Collins to further develop the latter company's JEM Java microprocessor technologies.

According to aJile, the license agreement provides the company with the sole rights to use current JEM technologies commercially and to develop new products.

New products aJile plans to develop include a family of low-power, realtime, single-chip microcontrollers with application build tools, debuggers, and a Java runtime based on Sun's Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

Early evaluation will be possible via the aJ-PC104, an Ethernet-enabled, single board Java computer incorporating Rockwell Collins's JEM2microprocessor.

The aJ-PC104 is a stackable board intended to be used as a development platform, processor system module, or reference design, enabling OEMs to evaluate the technology and reduce new product design cycle time.

The JEM-based aJ-PC104 development and evaluation board is expected to be released by the end of this year. Introduction of its first fully integrated single chip product, the aJ-100, is scheduled for early 2000.

Sun-Netscape Alliance bundles I-Kinetics DataBroker 6.1 with iPlanet

I-Kinetics announced that its DataBroker 6.1 is now shipping with the latest iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition 4.0, developed by the Sun-Netscape Alliance.

DataBroker 6.1 is designed to address the increased performance demands of ecommerce applications, and should enable high performance for Java data access and enterprise integration.

According to a Java performance study, the combination of DataBroker and the iPlanet Web Server outperformed a variety of Web server and JDBC products by up to 400 percent.

The Java performance study results are available at:

"iPlanet Web Server, combined with the DataBroker JDBC solution, provides an optimized environment for the deployment and delivery of mission-critical, high-performance Java applications," said Dr. Stuart Wells, senior vice president of the Sun-Netscape Alliance.

The 95 price for the DataBroker includes one year of maintenance and technical support, and five additional connections.

The I-Kinetics DataBroker 6.1 can be downloaded with a copy of iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition 4.0 from the iPlanet Web site:

It's also available directly from the I-Kinetics Web site:

Mazda puts Java in the driver's seat

Mazda announced that it will incorporate Java technology from IBM to facilitate customer service and to make it easier to purchase and repair the company's automobiles. According to Mazda, a customer's opinion of a dealership is based primarily on two experiences: buying the vehicle and having it serviced. Mazda's new Java-based Vehicle Locator and Parts Availability applications were developed to address these customer-satisfaction issues. The Vehicle Locator app electronically searches dealerships' inventories based on specific criteria such as model, color, and applicable options. The Parts Availability app searches the Mazda distribution centers for replacement parts.

The Java-based Vehicle Locator and Parts Availability applications are currently running at 15 Mazda dealers in North America. Mazda plans to roll out the applications to all 850 dealers nationwide by the end of October.

Linar launches pure Java-COM solution

Linar Ltd., developer of pure Java-COM integration solutions, launched J-Integra 1.3, designed to leverage Java- and COM-based business objects and render Java objects accessible from COM, and COM objects accessible from Java.

According to Linar, what sets J-Integra apart from other such bridging tools is that its product does not require native code and it allows Java objects to run on any operating system, using any JVM.

The company says that common uses of the J-Integra would include accessing Excel from Java, accessing Java from Excel/VBA, or accessing EJBs from Visual Basic.

The J-Integra kit documentation includes detailed tutorials and is available online at:

J-Integra costs ,000 per production server CPU, regardless of the number of clients. This license entitles the use of J-Integra on up to ten other machines for development, test, and staging purposes.

For further pricing information see:

Time-limited evaluation versions of J-Integra are available for download from the Linar Web site:

IBM takes developerWorks out of beta, launches Open Source Zone

IBM has moved developerWorks (dW) from beta and launched the project site with a new Open Source Zone.

dW makes source code available for the Java Jikes compiler and IBM Classes for Unicode, which are used for Unicode-based international support for applications.

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