Performance tests show Java as fast as C++

Java has endured criticism for its laggard performance (relative to C++) since its birth, but the performance gap is closing

How does the performance of Java applications compare with similar fully optimized C++ programs in theory, benchmarks, and real-world applications?

Most industry analysts make the blanket assumption that Java will always suffer performance disadvantages compared with other languages because Java was developed to allow Java programs to run on multiple platforms. You can find this assumption woven through almost all mainstream articles and opinions regarding Java and NCs in modern enterprises.




NC World

So we decided to find out for ourselves just how much of a disadvantage there is between Java and C++, the language to which Java is most often compared. We examined the architectural components of Java and compared the performance of programs written in Java to similar programs in C++.

We expected to see a modicum of lagging performance in Java in each test, though we were skeptical about it running several times slower than C++. To our shock, we rarely found any differences in speed at all. Where Java is significantly slower than C++, it's due to Java's stringent security model or to garbage collection.

While we welcome any performance improvements in any language, it appears that if you can use it in the proper context, Java has already come a long way since its inception -- far enough to be considered a top performer along with C++ in many cases.

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