Results of first-ever JVM server benchmark revealed

New benchmarking tool used to rank Java virtual machine server performance

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John Neffenger founded Volano in June 1996 and is its chief technology officer. Prior to his role at Volano, he was a software developer at IBM Corp., working on Taligent's CommonPoint Application Development Toolkit for OS/2 Warp. Before his assignment at Taligent, John worked in Palo Alto, CA, and Rome, Italy, on IBM's implementation of the Open Systems Interconnection protocol stack. John has a BA in Mathematics from Northwestern University. When not in front of his computer, John can be found in Marin County on his Kestrel 200SC.

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  • The 1.0 release of VolanoMark, a benchmark for evaluating a Java Virtual Machine for use in a server environment -- especially one characterized by long lasting connections.
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  • The source code to a simple Java TCP/IP echo server.
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