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Cython tutorial: How to speed up Python

Serdar Yegulalp , 02/14/18

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Vote now for enterprise Java’s new name

The Eclipse Foundation wants your help to rename the Java platform

Paul Krill

Go Monopoly car board game

What’s new in Google’s Go language

Version 1.10 offers compiler toolchain and performance improvements but no substantive language changes

Paul Krill

17 open source table laptop group

Who really contributes to open source?

New data debunks several myths around which companies lead in open source contributions

Matt Asay

jw datastructures3

Java 101: Datastructures and algorithms in Java, Part 3

Multidimensional arrays are useful for complex computing scenarios, and ragged arrays can help conserve memory for big data applications. Learn how to create multidimensional arrays and ragged arrays and use them in your Java

Jeff Friesen

jw api driven dev2

Tutorial: Programming with Java APIs, Part 2

Take Swagger for a test drive with this hands-on introduction featuring OpenAPI, Spring Web MVC, and Angular 2

Matthew Tyson

timeline database

MongoDB will support multidocument ACID transactions

MongoDB 4.0 will be released in summer 2018 but is in public beta now

Paul Krill

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Udash framework brings Scala to web development

Udash compiles code to JavaScript and can work with JavaScript libraries such as Bootstrap and jQuery

Paul Krill

datacenter servers warehouse database

Grand stack aims to simplify data-intensive app development

The JavaScript-centered beta stack from Neo4j uses a strict schema for the API, driving the database model, and translating GraphQL queries

Paul Krill

jw awslambdap2

Tutorial: Integrating AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

Integrate your AWS Lambda backend with a DynamoDB datastore, then use the AWS SDK to invoke Lambda functions from a Java client

Steven Haines

marketing automation gears

Tutorial: Get started with Jenkins continuous delivery

How to use Jenkins Blue Ocean and NPM to create a CICD pipeline for a Node.js and React application

Martin Heller

citizen developers

For developers, the focus is deep learning, multiplatform, and coding skills

Angular, TensorFlow, React, and Electron all have seen large increases in developer activity on GitHub

Paul Krill

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20 years of open source: Its world-changing history in brief

Today, open source powers servers, computers, devices, and all manner of software. But two decades ago, it was a fringe, radical idea that seemed destined to remain academic

Simon Phipps

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