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Utilities and add-ons for the JavaFX Script programming language

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In conclusion

JFXtras offers considerable value for your JavaFX projects; I wouldn't be surprised to see JFXtras features appearing in future releases of JavaFX. Now that you've finished this article's brief tour of JFXtras 0.2, I recommend digging deeper into its unit-testing framework and other features. And don't forget to check out JFXtras 0.3, which supports MiGLayout and is compatible with JavaFX 1.1!

Jeff Friesen is a freelance software developer and educator who specializes in Java technology. Check out his website to discover all of his published Java articles and more. His book Beginning Java SE 6 Platform: From Novice to Professional (Apress, October 2007) explores most of the new features introduced in Java SE 6

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  • Visit the JFXtras project site for downloads and documentation.
  • JFXtras 0.2's custom shapes are based on the jSilhouette collection.
  • JFXtras creator Stephen Chin was one of the developers interviewed for "Client-side Java's evolutionary leap" (Jeff Friesen, JavaWorld, January 2009) a roundtable on the current state and rapid evolution of JavaFX and other client-side technologies.
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  • Read about the BSD License
  • "JavaFX Async operations" (James Clark, Clarkeman's Weblog, December 2008) discusses subclassing JavaFX's AbstractAsyncOperation class.
  • Read Wikipedia's entries on Reuleaux triangle and Lauburu, two of the shapes supported in JFXtras.
  • Stephen Chin demonstrates the JFXtras native menu classes in DockDialog.fx, part of WidgetFX.
  • Learn more about fold higher-order function in Wikipedia.

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