Everything about Java 8

Java 8 is currently scheduled for general availability in just a little more than a month. You may have heard more than you wanted to about lambda expressions by now, but the changes in Java 8 extend well beyond lambdas. Back in September 2013, M. Hixson, a developer at TechEmpower, took the JDK 8 Developer Preview for a test drive using the IntelliJ IDE preview build, which he found had the best support for Java 8's language features at the time. His comprehensive overview and commentary are still worth a read.

Highlights from the post:

Improvements to the generic type interface

In previous versions of Java the compiler often failed to detect the generic types for a method in the context of nested or chained method invocations. Hixson notes that this was especially frustrating when generic types "seemed 'obvious' to the programmer." As of Java 8, improvements to the generic type interface will enable the compiler to more reliably determine generic types.

Additions to the Collections API

Default implementations of updates to the Java Collections API are provided on all the core interfaces, with more efficient or well-behaved overridden implementations added to all the concrete classes where applicable. Updates improve both semantics and performance, as Hixson demonstrates with examples using the new List.sort(Comparator) and Map.computeIfAbsent.

Additions to the Java Concurrency API

Among the many additions listed, Hixson highlights ForkJoinPool.commonPool(), a "completely rewritten" ConcurrentHashMap<K, V>, the new StampedLock, and CompletableFuture<T> -- "a nice implementation of the Future interface that provides a ton of methods for performing (and chaining together) asynchronous tasks" -- as especially noteworthy.

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