Let's smash some bugs! Five error tracking tools for Java

Compare Takipi, Stack Hunter, Raygun, Sentry, and Airbrake in a common Java debugging scenario

Alex Zhitnitsky at Takipi blog has put together a list of five popular error tracking tools and tested their performance in a common debugging routine. The comparison is designed to see how each tool integrates with Java and differentiate its stand-out features.

Rapid deployment in distributed computing environments puts new pressure on error tracking and debugging, which has led to a new class of tools:

With the Java ecosystem going forward, web applications serving growing numbers of requests and users’ demand for high performance – comes a new breed of modern development tools. A fast paced environment with rapid new deployments requires tracking errors and gaining insight to an application’s behavior on a level traditional methods can’t sustain.

The list, which includes Takipi's own error tracking tool, also features Stack Hunter, Raygun, Sentry, and Airbrake.

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